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Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 119

In the UK under UK consumer law, Amazon is responsible for all of these items, whether or not they are sold and fulfilled by Amazon or a third party - Amazon handle the sale and payment, so Amazon are the ones responsible for the sale. This is different to Ebay as Ebay do not handle the payment and you would find it very hard to buy from Ebay themselves.

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 2, Insightful) 534

In my mind, the difference is that Nixons pardon was never legally challenged by Congress or any other body - there is no way to say that Nixons parson would or would not have stood up to legal scrutiny. You can bet your perky little ass that any pardon issued to Snowdon would definitely be challenged.

With that in mind, it could easily be the case that the legal and political landscape supporting the validity of such pardons has changed in the intervening years - Congress may simply ignore the pardon and require Snowden to testify infront of it, holding him in contempt of Congress if he refuses or if he violates any contrived reason...

Comment Re:Back to the old model (Score 3, Informative) 70

Just because you haven't heard of it, nor heard about the reasons surrounding it, doesn't mean it isn't bigger than your perception.

Put it this way - if it were a sport, its more like soccer, which is watched the world over, than it is like American Football, which is hardly watched outside the US...

Comment Re:Back to the old model (Score 4, Insightful) 70

There was a discussion about this several months back, and the conclusion is exactly as you suggest - theres little to no binge factor with these style of programs, so Amazon gets more PR value from releasing them weekly than all at once. So thats the model chosen for TGT.

As for the show itself, while it certainly is going to take a few episodes to adjust to the its-not-Top-Gear-no-its-really-not new feel, there was nothing in this first episode which really jarred or felt ... uncomfortable. They had some obvious "this is intended to be stupid" moments, and some "lets take the wee out of the last season (Evans) of Top Gear obviously stupid" moments (I don't think that the mind test segment will return, it was just a McGuffin to take the wee out of some of the abysmal changes in TG post-Clarkson).

Over all, definitely looking to the next episode. This does seem to have what it takes to be a success from the moment it hit the ground.

Comment Re:NOT a port of VisualStudio (Score 4, Informative) 83

Being that I currently have both Xamarin Studio and the VS for Mac preview open at the moment, Microsoft dis not simply slap their nameplate on Xamarin Studio - there are masses of changes, and VSfM has a totally different feel. Yes, its heritage is definitely Xamarin Studio, but Microsoft have overhauled it considerably - this is no mere name change, it definitely feels like a major new version.

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