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Comment Re:This is NOT a battery, it's a RTG (Score 1) 444

whereas a battery is an array of electrochemical cells for electricity storage.

Let me elevate the level of pedantic for you. A battery is an array of anything, not just electrochemical cells. The reason it was called a battery in the first place was because of the fact that it was made up of a series of cells. A series of these radioactive decay cells can also be legitimately called a battery, though it would probably be called something like a "nuclear battery" in order to avoid confusion with the word "battery" itself being commonly assumed to mean an electrochemical battery.

Comment Re:Democratic? (Score 1) 278

I didn't say German or French don't have loan words. I speak both - German natively. France outlawed loan word because the French fear their culture is shrinking. They didn't want invasion from foreign culture, especially English.

I didn't say Romaji is Japanese. I said romaji is used in order to include western alphabet based words. You guys get really pedantic, but then you flame me for going into specific details.

The lack of gender and the simplified declension of nouns, and ability to use a limited character set to express foreign words easily are strengths the English language has. I never said exclusively. But it is an advantage all the same. My very first sentence was a statement acknowledging that there are multiple reasons why English is succeeding on the Internet.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 349

"Unfortunately, too many doctors, including psychiatrists, are too eager to prescribe a pill rather than taking the time to get to the root of the problem and fix what's really wrong."

[citation needed], but regardless, some points in response:

First, one of the nice things about anti-depressants is that they give the patient a break from their strong emotions so that it becomes easier for them to do exactly as you say and fix the root of their problem.

Second, of course doctors and psychiatrists are more inclined to proscribe pills since that is their specialty, as they are the ones with M.D.s. If you're problems would better be fixed by talking to someone, then you are better off seeing a psychologist since talking through problems is their specialty, and they are generally cheaper per unit time since they don't have an M.D.

Finally, something else to keep in mind is that anti-depressants are in general cheaper than getting counseling, since there are plenty of good anti-depressants that are now generic. That doesn't mean that they are better, but I could see situations in which a patient might be put on anti-depressants rather than being referred to counseling since it is easier for them to afford.

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