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Comment Nope (Score 1) 170

List of the experiments Shuttleworth did:

Soluble Protein crystallisation experiment One of the processes that helps scientist learn about diseases like HIV, is called Soluble Protein Crystallisation (SPC). This process gives scientists a way to understand the immune system and learn how to make it more effective.

Embryo and Stem Cell Development (ESCD) Project Understanding stem cells holds the key to healing serious injuries and disease. This is because where the cells in one part of the body have been damaged, stem cells may one day be used to repair the injury.

Studying the heart, muscles and energy in space Space places a very different set of strains on the human body to those we encounter on earth. Much of the science conducted in orbit has been aimed at understanding how we function when under conditions of "micro-gravity".

UCT monitors Shuttleworth Not just anybody is suitably qualified to work out a training programme for astronauts living between heaven and Earth.

Forgive me, but a lot of those sound more worthwhile than "materials" research and product testing...

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