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Submission + - R2-D2 Will Feature in Star Wars Episode VII (

DevotedDomains writes: The Wrap has officially confirmed that R2-D2 will feature in Star Wars Episode VII! This is the first bit of confirmed news for the highly anticipated 7th installment in the Star Wars saga in quite some time.

A deal has been closed to ensure that R2-D2 will continue his run of appearing in every single movie in the Star Wars saga.


Submission + - New Program to Squash Key Bugs in LibreOffice (

An anonymous reader writes: A program called EasyHacks has helped iron out bugs in LibreOffice through organized QA efforts. Another such attempt is the HardHacks program.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Should You Buy The HTC Sensation 4G? (

PaulPaulson writes: "As Android smartphones continue to evolve the spec sheets will continue to get more and more ridiculous. Case in point, the HTC Sensation 4G, the most feature filled phone you can buy today and the perfect combination of beauty and brawn. But is the Sensation worth purchasing with your hard earned cash? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the HTC Sensation 4G."

Submission + - Can MongoDB become King of NoSQL ? | Unixmen (

coldsystem writes: "Non-relational databases are an alternative to SQL databases and would rather call themselves ‘big data DBs’, say the pros in the industry. Calling non-relational mongodb_logodatabases as ‘No SQL’ is in a way misleading as this a ‘dynamic’ database platform. The most remarkable amongst the free structured data DB’s is MongoDB."

Submission + - Escaping the poverty trap (

grrlscientist writes: Scientists ask: "Which is the most effective way for the government to help people climb out of poverty: give them money or give them health care?"

Submission + - Why Intelligent People Use More Drugs (

An anonymous reader writes: The human consumption of psychoactive drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, is of even more recent historical origin than the human consumption of alcohol or tobacco, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent people use more drugs more frequently than less intelligent individuals.

Submission + - France Presses Ahead With Bill To Cut Off File Sha (

judgecorp writes: A law which which would cut persistent file-sharers off the Internet has been passed by the French National Assembly — and now only needs to clear a panel of senators to become law. The bill was rejected by the French Constitutional Court in April, but is back again, and if passed might be a green light to similar laws proposed in other countries including the UK. Pirate Party branches have been set up in several European states to oppose moves which campaigners see as governments bowing to the demands of big media players.

Submission + - There are zero viruses for Mac OSX (

CodingHero writes: A story on CNN Money explains why there are no (zero) viruses for Mac OSX, dismissing the claim that it is due to the Mac's small market share. The author makes this claim saying, 'Academic proofs of concept and theoretical vulnerabilities don't count. Neither do computer worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, spam or any of the other nasty species in the zoology of malware,' and going on to define a 'virus' as concerning only software that, 'attaches itself to a program or file so that it can spread from one Mac to another.' It argues that not only are viruses passe, but discusses how the Unix-based OSX kernel is inherently more secure than that of Windows.

Submission + - Economics or Computer Science? 2

BlakeQD writes: I am down to choosing my last course for first year university but I'm stuck debating what to pick. I am not sure what I want to do with my life yet, but most likely something to do in the math/engineering/business field. I am wondering what would benefit me more, taking Computer Science, or Economics. Note I can only choose one of these classes so I need to know which one class would be more beneficial and/or what careers would benefit from whichever class the most. Thanks, Blake

Submission + - Question: Backup 11 PCs - One User

SecureDriver writes: It seems my favorite backup software has a very restrictive license — use only on one machine. It looks like they want me to purchase 11 copies for my 11 machines (multiple clients, driver work). Anyone know of a Backup vendor with more reasonable terms?

Submission + - On Why Google Doesn't Care About Paid Applications (

slideme writes: "Many developers, including myself, have wondered why Google doesn't put more emphasis on helping developers promote and sell their applications. At the launch of the Android Market, Google didn't launch with carrier-based-billing (they turned down this option, preferring to use their own Google Checkout at a later date). This decision forced many developers to give away their applications.

We all know Google would love to see more applications bought, driving in even more applications; but when it comes to backing this up with money and resources, Google seemingly falls short.

One problem I see is that there is no profit motive for Google to do so. They collect some small percentage with their Google checkout and then the carrier gets the lion share. So if sales of applications are poor, it doesn't affect Google's bottom line, it affects the carrier's.

We do, however, see a large number of free applications being downloaded. These developers are increasingly turning to solutions such as AdMob because sales of paid applications are so poor. And the more advertising banners that go into Android mobile applications, the more Google stands to gain, at the expense of the carriers. (The carriers get to pay for the network costs of the free downloads and embedded advertisements).

The next step is that the carriers will demand a percentage of the ad revenue and then everyone is now playing in Google's space. The problem we have now is that charging for applications is at odds with the expansion of mobile advertising. So why should Google put money and resources on something that is not in their long-term interest?"


Submission + - 61% of young people download music from P2P

Azaril writes: According to a new survey by UK music covered in the Guardian 61% of young British people admit to download music from P2P networks. UK music, a group representing the commercial music industry in the UK, released the survey with a view to producing an all-you-can-download service, and the survey shows overwhelming support for it with 57% of those using P2P networks saying that they would completly replace their P2P usage with such a service.

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