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Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 119

Actually, I had exactly the same thought, and that's coming from a background in biochemistry.

It's not "global warming" that I find frightening; it's the schemes people come up with to "cool the planet" (one or two degrees and hello ice age) or "get rid of CO2" (which is to say, plant food -- this is a recipe for famine by reducing crop yields by at least as much, probably about half-again more since starving plants need more water, and cooling reduces rainfall).

So while you got modded funny... it was actually damned insightful.

Comment Re:It's not rigged, you're just LOSING (Score 1) 299

The statement being copied went something like "Stein raised more money this weekend than she did down the whole home stretch of her campaign" -- the point being not to compare how much, but rather how FAST it was raised. And that is indeed a good point. If she can raise $3M in one holiday weekend, how could she not raise similar amounts that fast at least occasionally all last year?

That's why I think the guy who pointed out it's probably a guess-whose-bot doing the donating is likely correct.

Comment Re:Lets call Bullshit (Score 1) 299

Someone noted that the pace at which the money is coming in indicates a bot, not real humans, so is probably almost entirely from a single source. I leave it to your imagination who that that might be...

Also odd how ...curiously nonspecific... is her statement about what will be done with any leftover funds. I translate this as "convenient way to refill my war chest".

And funny how the whole notion didn't get serious until it was almost too late to do anything about it, even if a recount were called for.

I had regarded Stein as honest, if politically misguided. I may have to reassess that.

Comment Re:It's easier this way.... (Score 1) 531

I'm wondering if the determination that "7% of respondents believe in lizard people" was actually those who said "I don't know, there could be" which is hardly a statement of belief, but isn't an outright negation so was recorded as the opposite of "No". That would be in line with pollsters today, anyway.

Comment Re:Neat that it's possible, but insignificant (Score 1) 181

The real savings might be in no longer needing vast sewage treatment plants, which for metro areas, and areas with high ground water, can be a financial and ecological adventure. And instead of construction cost followed by your taxes or sewer fees going up to maintain it, it would be construction cost followed by income (probably enough to cover operating costs) as the product was sold at something close to crude prices. Even if the cost/income was a wash (and I didn't look for operational costs for the conversion plant), not having to dispose of the waste sludge is a bonus.

So even if it's a drop in the daily oil bucket, it might still be very much worth considering for new sewage treatment construction.

Comment Re:Vote-flipping Evidence (Score 1) 317

"Selfies change all that. If I give you ten bucks to vote for my favorite candidate for mayor, I can withhold payment until you show me a selfie proving that you voted for my guy."

Uh... wouldn't it have the opposite effect? If you could do jail time for selling your vote, wouldn't that proof of having voted a certain way be evidence against you?

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