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Submission + - US Television Network CW Embeds Smartphone in Magazine Ads (g4tv.com)

Revotron writes: Readers of Entertainment Weekly might be shocked to find their magazine is a good bit heavier than normal this week. US-based broadcaster CW placed an ad in Entertainment Weekly which uses a fully-functional 3G Android smartphone, a T-Mobile SIM card, and a specialized app to display short video advertisements along with the CW Twitter feed. Writers at Mashable were willing to geek out with a Swiss Army knife and a video camera to give us all the gory details as they tore it down piece-by-piece to discover the inner workings of CW's new ad.

Submission + - 90 Percent of Eligible Kansas City Neighborhoods sign up for Google Fiber (cnet.com)

puddingebola writes: From the article: "The company wrote in a blog post yesterday that at least 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have already qualified for the super-high-speed Internet service. Google says that it's still processing verification requests, and should be able to hand over the final list later this week. Since bringing fiber to homes can be expensive, Google is charging each home that hopes to hook up to the service a one-time $300 construction fee."
Open Source

Submission + - How to go about an Open Source press release. (essentialcollections.co.uk)

rio_hot writes: We are in the final preparations of a major release for our relatively new Open Source project (openDIAS). This release is a major milestone for the project and we want to get the word out as much as possible.

We've written a press release and will be submitting that to as many Tech/Open Source blogs and publications as possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about that process? In terms of which publications / blogs are good options and actually how to physically submit a press release.

Cheers for any feedback to a promotional newbie.

Submission + - LulzSec phone-bombs FBI, HBGary (dustytech.net)

Revotron writes: Anonymous hacker group LulzSec has begun to harness the power of the crowd in their latest griefing attempts. After a day of numerous DDoS attacks on a handful of famous MMOs, LulzSec's phone lines lit up with an estimated 20 calls per second. Using a fairly simple phone redirect, they sent all of their incoming calls to various offices, among them the FBI office in Detroit, Blizzard Customer Support, online retailer Magnets.com, and most recently, the corporate offices of HBGary.

Journal Journal: DSL 4.0 Final has Released

Robert Shingledecker presents Damn Small Linux v4.0 Final Release today as announcing by Linux Mini. As we know, Damn Small Linux (DSL) was originally developed as an experiment to see how many usable desktop applications can fit inside a 50MB live CD. It was at first just a personal tool/toy. But over time Damn Small Linux grew into a community project with hundreds of development hours put into refinements including a fully automated remote and loc

Submission + - Flagship Explains EULA (hellgatelondon.com)

Edis Krad writes: In what maybe probably be a response to the concerns of privacy violations and adware in Hellgate:London, Flagship Studios released an announcement to explain there is nothing to fear. The EULA, according to them, does not track single individuals and all gathered information is to pin down hacks and cheats, for better gameplay. As for the advertising, if any, will be put on the subway stations, as regular stations do have advertising, becoming non-intrusive. There'll be no Super-Cola Sword of Goodness (+5 to refreshment) at all.

Submission + - 100 MB Connection Over Existing Phone Lines (idm.net.au)

Opticalus writes: IDM are reporting that an Australian researcher has discovered a way of running VDSL over existing copper phone lines. This would mean the broadband speeds you currently see on Verizon and AT&T's fiber networks could be achieved on standard copper phone lines. The technology is still in testing phases and is based around reducing line interference to almost nothing in order to achieve 100 MB connections.

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