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Comment Re:Define ISP (Score 0, Flamebait) 272

dont bullshit and evade the question. they are all selling their products from defined price ranges, and none of them is putting up a price war.

CHRIST, you're stupid.

Look. You say all the show companies are not competing on price? Your premise is that they're selling for non-optimal prices? That would mean they're leaving money on the table. So, FIX IT. Start a shoe company. Show them how cheaply they can sell their shoes. If you're correct that shoe companies could sell their sneakers for significantly less than what they sell them for now, you'll corner the market. You'll drive everyone out of business in less than a year. You'll be fabulously wealthy.

You know what'll actually happen? You'll end up working at Wal-Mart for the rest of your life to pay your debtors, and you'll have your entire lifetime to contemplate the fact that if it were so obvious that everyone was doing it wrong, someone would have already come in and mopped the floor with them. You can go home and read the paper, where it'll talk about how many investors there are in the world looking for a market niche to exploit. You can read about all the people graduating from business school each year, and how hard each of them is going to work to compete in some market somewhere, and you can reflect calmly on how much smarter they are than you.

Comment Re:Why is it illegal? (Score 1) 574

Do you know why we have money? Have you ever thought about its actual purpose?

Nobody is interested in helping you at the expense of those more wealthy than you. Why would they? The wealthy have more money than you. That's the POINT of money. Chasing money is not social parasitism, it's what makes the world go 'round. You want people to help you? Work your way up so you have more money and can pay them to help you.

Comment Re:Why is it illegal? (Score 1) 574

Life isn't fair. In life, the people with more money get more of the things they want - that way, the people with the goods maximize their profit, and consumers work hard to get more money, and therefore contribute more to the world. That's much better than the "fairness" bullshit we feed the kids to keep the stupid ones behind.

Comment Re:Why is it illegal? (Score 1) 574

It's not really a point of view thing. This is how capitalism works. The price rises to the point where demand and supply are equal. That's how scarce goods are distributed. Want more scarce goods? Get more money. You can argue all you want about whether or not it should work that way, but history seems to say it works and the alternatives don't.

Comment Re:Why is it illegal? (Score 1) 574

Simple. They allowed people who can afford more to pay more for tickets, shutting out the people who were unwilling to pay the higher price. Those people willing to pay more would have otherwise been unable to demonstrate their higher commitment to seeing the game, and would have been shut out for arbitrary reasons instead.

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