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Journal Journal: A Day Without Slashdot... 3

was like...

A day without a root canal.
A day without stepping on a rake.
A day without getting poked in the eyes with a fork by an angry dwarf.

So.. I'm out of here. Probably for good this time. There's nobody worth my time or talents here anymore, and between Dice making the site even uglier than it was before and even less stable then it was before, there's just no point to it.

In the end, there's nothing left for me to do but take off the mask and finally admit who's been driving this crazy troll bus.

So... I admit it... I am...


Like I'm going to tell YOU who I am.

You wouldn't believe it anyway.

I was tempted to claim to be someone I'm not as a final troll, but since I'm not planning to be around to enjoy that little tempest, YOU GET NOTHING.

I hereby leave slashdot to the GNAA. Have fun, boys.

Not Ethelred
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Journal Journal: Rainbow 4

So I'm taking a B Vitamin supplement.

Everyone should try it.

It makes your urine neon yellow, almost fluorescent. Not quite as bad as those uniforms the Baylor Bears basketball team was wearing a few years ago, but pretty close.

Now I'm going to drink a bunch of hibiscus herbal tea and go for orange.
Taste the rainbow. Piss the rainbow.
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Journal Journal: WTF, Notch? 4

So I finally played Minecraft.

I started my game, and... punched a tree.

I got a log.

And a tree, with a missing gap, still standing. A disconnected top half of a tree floating in space with no regard to gravity.

Why is this game so popular?
User Journal

Journal Journal: It's not a coincidence... 1

... that I make a comeback and the usual gang of idiots goes quiet.

I suppose it's difficult to post when you're cowering in the corner, quivering over a puddle of your own urine, worried about my amazingly humorous comebacks to the inane drivel you generate.

Of course, if you're cowering, quivering, etc, and realize that if you go quiet and don't post anything that I can't troll you, well, you're right -- AND THAT WAS MY GOAL ALL ALONG.

Either way, kids, I win.

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Journal Journal: I early voted...

... for Scott Walker.

As Hillary would say, if you don't like it you can suck my clit and balls.
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Journal Journal: Upcoming Redesign

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