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Journal Red Warrior's Journal: The great unfriending, part deux 17

A while back, I asked a question. Given that it has been almost 5 months since my last entry, I think I've decided on my answer.

I still check into /. every week or so, since some people refused to make the switch (or it didn't stick - Railgunner, I'm looking at you!). Which means my messages really stack up between visits. So, following the lead of Sam, I am doing a second culling of my friends list.

Like the first unfriending, way back when...
Some are cut 'cuz it appears they have abandoned the dot (understandable..).
Some are cut 'cuz they have 100% made the multiply jump. (this is a new category, obviously).
Some are cut 'cuz I just never read their journals.

In any case, it's not an indication of like/dislike, and is nothing personal. Unless you want it to be. I that case, I dropped you 'cuz you're a douche. :-D

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The great unfriending, part deux

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  • by RailGunner ( 554645 ) * on Friday July 06, 2007 @12:27PM (#19769049) Journal
    Hey - that's an Ozzy song!

    \m/ Ozzy rules \m/
    • by BWJones ( 18351 ) *
      \m/ X rules \m/

      OK, substitute any righteous artist for X, but that is the first time I have seen the \m/ X rules \m/ to represent "rock on!". Maybe this shows how uncool I am, but that is just awesome.

    • And if you reverse it, a Phil Collins song.

      Bah! It seems that I have used too much of the friend/foe system resource, and need to try again later.

      Must be /.
      Its always the same its just a shame thats all. :-|
      • It seems that I have used too much of the friend/foe system resource, and need to try again later.

        Haha. So there is still anxiety to be had as to whether we will be victims of The Cut? :) And here I was being smug.
        • You end up surviving the cut. (based on your last JE, if nothing else) :-D

          Eventually. It seems I have a strict limit on /. as to how unsocial I can be all at once.....
  • Multiply really offers me nothing compelling to make the switch.

    Not that slashdot is doing anything to keep me, but it just doesn't seem worth the effort.
    • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) *
      Slashdot has 2 things that keep me here rather than on Multiply:

      1. It *DOESN'T* have insertable media, such as images, music, etc. That's my biggest peeve is comment sites that have that. Makes it take forever to load when going through a proxy.

      2. It's not accessible from work.

  • by ces ( 119879 )
    I'm still in both places, but more likely to post journals here and comments over at multiply.

    There certainly is more going on over at multiply. Most of my friends list made the jump.

    I do miss the old dot. Slashdot seems to lend itself to more in-depth discussions and longer comment threads.
    • If by "more in-depth discussions and longer comment threads." you mean flamewars and bashing/piling on, then I agree. :-D

      And W T F is up with the "you have used too much of this resource" BS?
      • And W T F is up with the "you have used too much of this resource" BS?

        Where did you see that? And when will you unfriend us at Multiply, too? :)
        • It seems that there is a limit to the number of relationship changes you can make on /. in a given period of time. I think it's around 25-30 a day/[number of hours]. But I wasn't keeping count.

          One of my criteria was "Some are cut 'cuz they have 100% made the multiply jump." Mister no JEs for 18 months. Though, actually, I think it's really more in the realm of "most new content that I find interesting shows up on multiply", as a few are into cross-posting.

          Not planning to do a great unfriending at multiply.
          • I'm a Texan, you know. :)

            I actually find Multiply to be more of the guilty pleasure, as there's a lot more gossiping and silliness in every entry.
            And yes, I've unfriended people there before. I've even blocked a few, either because they constantly spew hate or they constantly cuss. Blocking is (or was) the ability to actually ignore people who were not relevant to what I'm interested in seeing.

            I find the articles on /. still useful as news. I just don't read most of the responses any more :) I read at +3, w
            • I'm a Texan, you know. :)

              Sort of the point, right there.

              We have different opinions RE: /. v. multiply.
              I fully respect your right to be wrong. :-P
  • by DG ( 989 )
    There's more to life than "friend lists"

  • Thanks for sticking with me as long as ya did. :)

    See you on *.

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