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Comment Re:GPS in a jam (Score 2, Interesting) 851

someone want to comment on the effectiveness of GPS jammers?

Most likely prohibited by the FCC.

These are definitely prohibited by the FCC / FAA. Even a GPS re-radiation system (for bringing GPS indoors) must be registered with the authorities. I have personally been witness to this situation when a company that makes re-rad devices was not checking that its customers were authorized to use the equipment. The FCC / FAA tracked them down and made them contact all their customers to register their equipment.

Comment Re:Penalty: Intentional Grounding. (Score 1) 246

Or how about "Knowing", a friend of mine called it the best new sci-fi movie in ages, I watched it and concluded they went with the much-overused "Alien horror" genre which then turned into some sort of "Jesus as an alien (who just seemed bad because we're idiots who wanted to make a cool trailer) saves the innocent and righteous and brings them all to a new garden of eden while everyone else dies horribly".

The worst part about "Knowing" was that, after the halfway point, I began to suspect that the writers had worked themselves into a corner. Either it had to end with a disjointed Deus Ex Machina moment or with complete failure to save the planet. They chose both which turned out just as lazy and unsatisfying.

Comment Re:$240 for them, but not for me (Score 1) 118

That total cost of 240$ is based on them acquiring used material at a radio swap meet, not scavenging it from old stuff I could find in my attic, and definitely no buying from some online supplier. That is, w/o a lot of luck, time, and knowledge- there is no way I could duplicate this effort with ease.

Agreed. This is $240 only if you happen to have thousands of dollars worth of the right junk and test equipment lying around.

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