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Comment Met him at University (Score 1) 41

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Zewail and attending a private lecture while at university. His daughter was my upper division biochemistry professor and he was kind enough to drop in and give us a lecture while he was visiting. He was a brilliant thinker not just in the world of femto-spectroscopy, but overall. He was approachable and witty. He will be missed as a father, a fellow human and for his contributions to the scientific world.

Comment Now it makes sense... (Score 1) 158

I can see now why Nintendo has been so far hesitant to allow their franchises (old games specifically) to be ported to iOS or Android. There is a lot of money on the table and I think they know this. So I think we will see this portable NX feature a fair amount of retro gaming. This, in addition to the mini-Nintendo they are about to release. Except I can't imagine anyone carrying one around around in addition to their smartphone.

Comment Re:This is what happens when you have (Score 3, Informative) 193

In terms of energy efficiency, it is smart. The rate at which your house warms and cools, especially as a function of outside temperature, is a much better algorithm for controlling a heating and cooling system. However, I admit even as a gadget geek with some superfluous income it just isn't $250 cool, to me. Purely a values thing. I'd definitely be in for $150, maybe at $200. Price point is just off for what it does.

Comment Re:The real reason? (Score 4, Interesting) 381

Maybe. Maybe not:

There have been several studies to date transplanting gut flora from "skinny" rats and mice into "obese" rats and mice resulting in weight loss with the same diet composition. They have also showed the reverse to be true.

Furthermore there seems to be some evidence that sugar-alcohols and artificial sweeteners may be better food for the growth of bacteria that favors an obese phenotype. http://www.scientificamerican....

(FWIW - I am a doctor (MD) but I am not an endocrinologist/obesity researcher)

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 247

Also the the realization that people are not built to nor adhere here the engineering specifications of an airplane. Every patient's anatomy, symptoms, disease processes etc..are relatively unique to them. There are several thing that work for checklists, but they aren't going to save the day.

Also, in some ways we are spoiled by modern medicine - what exactly is "routine" heart surgery. You have 1 pump in a system that has no backup or redundancy. How is altering that or taking it offline for repairs ever routine?

Medical errors are real. They are often not malignant or obvious at the time, hindsight is 20/20. In addition patients are older, sicker, fatter, and with more co-morbidities all while living longer with these chronic serious diseases then ever before.

It is a recipe for this.

Comment Re:Slashdot (Score 1) 226

I completely understand why [...] most websites wouldn't want to have comments. I think 75% of the time they're more trouble than they're worth[...]

Yeah, well, at least fucking Slashdot still allows fucking comments. Can you imagine Slashdot without all our fucking insightful comments?

+1 Insightful

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

For the record - the president vetoes. The Congress passes bills or not. Trump and any president can submit whatever bills/ideas/threats to the Congress they want. Then, they can go to committee (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be voted on in committee (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be debated in Congress (after significant or no modification) or not, they can be voted on in Congress (after significant or no modification) or not.

So yeah, it is very hard to get things done in Congress.

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