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Submission + - Putting the 'we' in Wii for blind gamers (

angrymilkman writes: Researchers of the University of Nevada in Reno have adapted two Wii Sports games, such that they can be played without visual feedback.
With the recent national attention to childhood obesity this technology could help increase the exercise opportunities for children with the highest obesity rates.


Submission + - Android working on the iPod Touch 1G (

dreadpirate15 writes: A couple years ago, I stumbled upon the Linux on iPhone blog. I was really quite intrigued by it An open OS on Apple hardware? Perfect! Open software plus beautiful hardware. Awesome. So I followed it I kept the site in my RSS reader And nothing. No updates for the longest time. I was getting discouraged, thinking that my only way of getting Android was to buy a smartphone. Then, I got an update. Planetbeing had done it! He’d quietly reverse engineered the drivers for the iPhone 2G, and got Android actually working on it! I was thrilled, and anxiously followed his updates. When he got Android working on the iPhone 3G, I rejoiced, knowing the iPod Touch 1G would surely come soon. It took a while, but this morning I got it working. I wrote a tutorial detailing how anyone can get it working themself! Here is the link: iDroid on the iPod Touch 1G.
The Military

Submission + - V-22 Osprey: “Flying Shame” or future (

An anonymous reader writes: In 2007 Time magazine referred to the V-22 Osprey as A Flying Shame. But as military and aviation writer Richard Whittle relates in his new book The Dream Machine, the history of the V-22 Osprey—a multi-mission tiltrotor aircraft—is as complex as the engineering challenges that had to be overcome to build it. But has the Osprey, with all of its failures, tainted the tiltrotor concept? Or much like the Concorde, will tiltrotor technology remain too expensive to be commercially viable?

Submission + - Security flaw in Yahoo mail exposes plaintext auth

holdenkarau writes: "Yahoo!'s acquisition of opensource mail client Zimbra has apparently brought some baggage to the mail team. The new Yahoo! desktop program transmits the authentication information in plain text. Ironically enough, the flaw was discovered during a Yahoo "hacku" day at the University of Waterloo (the only Canadian school part of the trip). Compared to the recent hoopla about gmail exposing the names associated with accounts, this seems down right scary. So if you have friends or relatives who might have installed Yahoo! desktop and value their e-mail accounts, now would be a good time to get them to change the password and switch back to the oh so retro web interface."

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