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Submission + - Hamas Creating Secret Telephone Network (

Rapide writes: Defense, Interior, Telecommunications and Justice ministries would launch an "immediate" investigation into the creation of new telephone cables by Hizbullah. "We have discovered by accident that a new telephone network is being created along that of the state in Zawtar Sharqieh," Hamadeh told Voice of Lebanon radio. y-networking.html
The Media

Submission + - Tori Does Baghdad Too (

Rapide writes: "This quirky story is but the tip of a most troubling iceberg; a sex industry providing services to sexually prime yet frustrated young soldiers serving extended tours in Iraq. An explosive issue best kept under tight wraps given the righteousness of the mission and the moral sensitivities of the region. ghdad-too.html"
The Media

Submission + - Wiki Nails Slim Virgin - Media Assets, Lockerbie (

Rapide writes: "According to clues accumulated by ordinary citizens around the world, it could be that the CIA and other intelligence agencies are riding the information wave and planting disinformation on Wikipedia. If so, tens of thousands of innocent and unwitting citizens around the world are translating and propagating their lies, providing these agencies with a universal news network. lim-virgin-media-assets.html"

Submission + - Shimmer (

Rapide writes: "Today brings the newest installment in the anti-Iran Info Op.Ahmadinejad, et al., are obliged to devote substantial time and energy to one essential dilemma: How seriously should they take the press reports that detail U.S. planning for an attack upon Iran, especially considered in the light of statements by U.S. officials about how concerned we are taking the threat of Iran as a rogue state? "

Submission + - The Little Red Book and the Blue Screen of Death (

Rapide writes: "The Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party has been cranking out product in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army. There are twin themes of the campaign. The first is to play up the growing strength of the Chinese armed forces. The second theme — which is needed to massage the first — is to assert that the awakened dragon doesn't threaten regional stability. ook-and-blue-screen-of.html"

Submission + - Operation Banner - British MoD Reminisce Northern (

Rapide writes: Here's a recently unearthed document outlining the British military view of its own role, function, successes and failures from 1969 to 2006 in Northern Ireland. The document, Operation Banner — An Analysis of Military Operations in Northern Ireland ( pdf), offers insight into the thinking of senior military officers and civil servants at the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall. The level of detail re operational matters proves that this wasn't intended to reach the hoi polloi.

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