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Comment Re:Not everyone is 20 (Score 1) 360

I think there may be some confusion by "power being out = no phone capability" because for the most part, people have WIRELESS phones nowadays, which require power to operate. So, while service is still being delivered through the lines during an outage, you need a (seemingly rare) WIRED phone in order to place a call. Just my 2

Comment Re:What utter bollocks (Score 2, Interesting) 509

I have a similar story, with greater impact... I was working at a company with 9 locations to manage, I had 5 in the east of the state, the rest were located in the west. I only had one person I could call a coworker. Above us was the IT Manager, above him was the Director of IT, and above him was the CEO. My boss was due to be out for three weeks following knee surgery, when the news the Director was diagnosed with leukemia, and would be gone for several months undergoing treatment. This left a "management vacuum" which the company decided to fill by putting the VP of HR in charge. As we all know here, this is a formula for disaster. After being trusted to to my job without needed to talk to my boss for days on end, suddenly I was under a high-powered micromanager. I was told to fill forms scheduling my day hour-by-hour. They needed to be FAXED to her by 9am Monday. I asked if I could at email them, but she didn't LIKE using email. So, I faxed. Then, she said they didn't come over well, and to fax them again. This and other similar behavior caused me to walk off the job after 2 weeks of "You're doing everything wrong" and having a warning on my permanent record for not having faxed something in on time.

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