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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Dragons Dogma: The New Details On The Story & (

EliMysterio writes: "Yesterday Capcom teased a reveal for 'Dragons Dogma'. Today they dropped the full story trailer and confirmed the games official release date. 'Dragons Dogma' is an action filled fantasy game. One of the games coolest features is its 'Pawn System'. The 'Pawn System' also creates a unique version of multiplayer, to find out more about 'Dragons Dogma’s' 'Pawn System' check out the links to the right. You can see the full story trailer and get a few more details from the press release below."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Amazon profit drops (

larry bagina writes: The Kindle Fire was supposed to be an iPad killer. Turns out, all it killed was Amazon's bottom line. Apple sold 15.4 million iPads last quarter, Amazon sold ... well, they won't say how many they sold, but it's up 177% over some other number that they won't disclose. Estimates are 6 million Kindle Fires at a $10-$20 loss per tablet, though those numbers alone wouldn't account for the $239 million drop in profit from last year — and that's ignoring the 35% in sales.

Submission + - Survival Research Laboratories: Banned in San Fran (

__aapopf3474 writes: Apparently, Survival Research Laboratories (SRL), "a machine performance art group credited for pioneering the genre of large-scale machine performance" has been banned from performing in San Francisco by the San Francisco Fire Department. For many years, SRL has been doing machine performance art involving the repurposing of technology. SRL machines include robots with microcontrollers and flame effects like a V-1 engine. SRL says that this is because SRL humiliated the San Francisco Fire Department during the filming of a 1994 show that ended up on a Connie Chung TV show. In December, 2011, "the SFFD, citing an SRL show from 1989, Illusions of Shameless Abundance, stated that SRL would no longer be allowed to perform in San Francisco." [Disclosure: I worked successful SRL performances in San Jose and Santa Rosa.] Do slashdotters have any suggestions on changing the opinion of SFFD?

Submission + - NASA finds 'Alien' Matter From Beyond Our Solar Sy (

An anonymous reader writes: For the very first time, a NASA spacecraft has detected matter from outside our solar system — material that came from elsewhere in the galaxy, researchers announced today (Jan. 31).
This so-called interstellar material was spotted by NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), a spacecraft that is studying the edge of the solar system from its orbit about 200,000 miles (322,000 kilometers) above Earth.

"This alien interstellar material is really the stuff that stars and planets and people are made of — it's really important to be measuring it," David McComas, IBEX principal investigator and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, said in a news briefing today from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


Submission + - mathematics of gambling under realistic Assumption (

An anonymous reader writes: In a forthcoming paper entitled "How to Gamble if you are in a Hurry" ( by Evangelos Georgiadis, Doron Zeilberger and with assistance of compubot Ekhad Shalosh, the mathematics of gambling has been re-examined under realistic discrete assumptions, getting rid of such unrealistic continuity as money is indefinitely divisible, and that our life is indefinitely long.

The beautiful theory of statistical gambling, started by Dubins and Savage (for subfair games) and continued by Kelly and Breiman (for superfair games) has mostly been studied under the unrealistic assumption that we live in a continuous world, that money is indefinitely divisible, and that our life is indefinitely long. Here we study these fascinating problems from a purely discrete, finitistic, and computational, viewpoint, using Both Symbol-Crunching and Number-Crunching (and simulation just for checking purposes).


Submission + - Microsoft can remotly kill purchased apps (

Meshach writes: The terms of service for Microsoft's newly launched Windows Store allows the seller to remotely kill or remove access to a user's apps for security or legal reasons. The story also notes that MS states purchases are responsible for backing up the data that you store in apps that you acquire via the Windows Store, including content you upload using those apps. If the Windows Store, an app, or any content is changed or discontinued, your data could be deleted or you may not be able to retrieve data you have stored.

Submission + - Rats Feel Each Other's Pain ( 1

sciencehabit writes: Empathy lets us feel another person's pain and drives us to help ease it. But is empathy a uniquely human trait? For decades researchers have debated whether nonhuman animals possess this attribute. Now a new study shows that rats will free a trapped cagemate in distress. The results mean that these rodents can be used to help determine the genetic and physiological underpinnings of empathy in people.

Submission + - Bad code plagues business applications, especially (

jlechem writes: "A new study examining 365 million lines of code in 745 applications identifies bad coding practices that affect security, performance and uptime, with Java Enterprise Edition applications having the greatest number of problems. Cast Software, which makes tools that automate the analysis of business applications, examined programs written in Java-EE, .NET, ABAP, C, C++, Cobol, Oracle Forms, and Visual Basic, used across a wide range of industries from energy and financial services to IT consulting, insurance, government, retail, telecom, and more."

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