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Comment Re:Valid Action (Score 1) 623

The fact that everything is valid when put to a vote is why that stuff can change though, rather than saying "No no no, GOD wants slavery, so you can't just 'vote' it away, that's blasphemy."


If that was true, we wouldn't need a constitution. The current popularly elected government would be right about everything.

And in the US, nobody "voted away" slavery. There was a big war about it. It was a whole chapter in your high school social studies textbook.

Comment Re:Longer flights (Score 1) 139

A huge problem with the Concorde was noise restrictions on sonic booms. It could only really fly from one coastal city to another, namely NY and DC to London and Paris. They tried a subsonic Dallas to DC connecting leg and it failed miserably. The article mentions this in passing, and ignores what a huge deal it is.

Building a large supersonic airplane has never been the problem. Operating a supersonic airplane profitably in the modern air travel market is the problem, and I don't see any indication that these guys have solved that one.

Comment Re:Morons Just Don't Understand (Score 1) 741

From Iowa in 2008 nobody expected Obama to win anything, then, every state after that where Obama won it was an "upset" to the establishment.

That's not true. Obama led all of the polls after Super Tuesday in mid February.


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