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The Internet

Submission + - Will ferrets bring you the Exaflood?

Raindeer writes: "Ars Technica had two good stories on the future of the Net. One story examines the future of broadband networks and how ferrets will be bringing it to you. The article points to a new OECD-study on how we will need 50Mbit/s minimum in the coming years. (Also explaining why squirrels and sharks are natural enemies of the internet)The paper also examines business models and regulation for new networks.
The other one is an interview with Andrew Odlyzko of the Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies (MINTS) project, explaining how the predicted Exaflood that would overflow the web is not happening and the growth of traffic is actually slowing and there is no sign that ISP's cannot keep up with bandwidth growth."
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Exit interview:

I don't have to fix you. I think you know that. You are a natural leader, and you quickly established yourself as the leader of this team, without question. You're very smart, very capable. You're extremely flexible, creative, hard-working and very goal-oriented. There is a nobility in how idealistic you are, how focussed you are in serving the public and in your overriding concern with the mission of the organization.

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