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Submission + - Private copying shouldn't exist ( 1

dredwerker writes: EU's new copyright leader doesn't believe private copying should exist.

"Martin-Prat has worked for the European Commission before and will be returning from a stint in charge of the legal department of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Yes, Europe has put a record industry lobbyist in charge of the department that will oversee the future of copyright in Europe."
The Daily Telegraph

I didn't see the original furore over the Brennan home cd ripping machine but I can't believe they banned the advert for it. I can't believe the music industry would even want to disallow this. Most people who have this would have their own cds IMHO.


Submission + - Switching from Java to Scala (

An anonymous reader writes: Scala, a functional style programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine,
is becoming more mainstream. Twitter uses Scala to develop much of the back-end
code since they found that Ruby
lacked some things that were needed to write reliable, high performance code.
More recently, the team behind which, according to its editor,
has the second highest readership of any on-line news site after the New York
Times, is gradually switching
from Java to Scala, starting with the Content API, which provides a mechanism
for selecting and collecting Guardian content.


Submission + - Ryzom Now Free To Play (

An anonymous reader writes: Less than one year after becoming open-source, Ryzom moves from a 21 day trial period to being free to play. Ryzom is a science-fantasy MMORPG with good graphics (don't trust the screenshots), an original setting, class-less progression and actually interesting crafting and harvesting systems. It has clients for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

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