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Comment Re: Comment (Score 2) 312

Well, it all depends. Yes, realistically, I want someone who looks/sounds like a teenager and, while I think it'd be entertaining to see Anthony Hopkins do a London Teenager (in voice), I don't believe he could physically carry it off. Though they are doing interesting things with digital effects nowadays (The "young" RDJ in Captain America: Civil War was pretty well done, the "young" Michael Douglas in Ant-Man wasn't bad...)

That said, there are plenty of examples of actors pulling off playing younger and you don't necessarily notice it. Heck, lots of "High School" roles are played by people over 18 (child labor laws being what they are).

I'm reminded of Goldie Hawn's line in First Wive's Cliub: There are only three ages for women in Hollywood - Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy. Though I'd argue it's "Assistant District Attorney" (can't have a woman as a DA in Hollywood...)

Comment Re:So what's the story? (Score 1) 78

Shitty person? Dude just got another job, that's all. That doesn't one make "shitty"

We haven't heard the whole story, I agree. And I think "shitty" might be a bit strong.

But from what I have heard, from one side at least, it sounds like he was "hedging his bets"--got the job at Apple and figured he'd double-dip for as long as he could. If the Apple thing didn't work out, he could come back and no one would be the wiser that he was gone.

That wouldn't be a big deal anywhere else. But in journalism? Yeah, that's a bit tacky, to say the least.

Comment Re:Good and bad (Score 1) 187

On the other hand, this is a clear conflict of interest. One company should not control the creation and distribution platforms.

Uh, Dude? Where've you been? That used to be the case up until the mid-80s or so.

The argument for the change was that the network TV model didn't work in the days of cable television. When you're one of only have 3 channels, you can be assured of a decent sized audience. When you're one of 100+ channels, not so much. Meanwhile, the studios showed their stuff on broadcast TV and then made money on the back-end with syndication and DVD, which the networks got none of. So the law was rescinded and networks could now own the content that they showed.

That's why ABC is owned by Disney, NBC is owned by Universal, CBS is owned by Viacom (which also owns Paramount), and Fox is owned by, you guessed it, 20th Century Fox. At the time, the networks insisted that wouldn't make any difference in what they chose to show. Now-a-days, of course, you can't watch a show on ABC without finding it at least partially owned by Disney or a subsidiary (eg Marvel or ABC Studios).

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

Heck, just lob a few largish asteroids at our major cities and wait for a year or two for the resulting "nuclear" winter and general chaos to starve most of the population, and probably cause the near total collapse of civilization in the process.

Or perhaps raise the temperature on the planet. Maybe aliens like a warmer planet. I mean, did any of these "Anthropogenic Global Warming" people ever check to see if it wasn't being caused by aliens?

Just sayin'...

(And, yes, I'm being facetious.)

Comment Re: come on, you can read (Score 1) 424

Actually, as I understand it (and I may be wrong) the idea is that "Free Speech" is not a defense for actions that happen as a direct result of your speech.

For example, if I yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater and nobody leaves and the show continues and nothing happens, I can't be arrested just for yelling "Fire!" If I yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater and the show stops and everybody gets up and calmly leaves the theater, the theater owner could require that I pay for a whole new show for those people. And, of course, if I yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater and everyone panics and runs for the exits and tramples others and they're injured or killed, I can't claim "Free Speech" as a defense when I'm held accountable for the deaths of those people.

Free speech is not a "get out of jail free" card.

That said, I do think we're seeing more and more laws coming down the pike that try to prevent bad things from happening by basically saying, "You can't say that!"

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