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Submission + - How Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry (

An anonymous reader writes: Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Overflow, says the mobile app ecosystem is getting out of hand. 'Your platform now has a million apps? Amazing! Wonderful! What they don't tell you is that 99% of them are awful junk that nobody would ever want.' Atwood says most companies trying to figure out how to get users to install their app should instead be figuring out just why they need a mobile app in the first place. Fragmentation is another issue, as mobile devices continue to speciate and proliferate. 'Unless you're careful to build equivalent apps in all those places, it's like having multiple parallel Internets. "No, sorry, it's not available on that Internet, only the iOS phone Internet." Or even worse, only on the United States iOS phone Internet.' Monetization has turned into a race to the bottom, and it's led to worries about just what an app will do with the permissions it's asking for. Atwood concludes, 'The tablet and phone app ecosystem is slowly, painstakingly reinventing everything I hated about the computer software industry before the web blew it all up.'

Comment Re:And it's fucking irritating (Score 2) 321

That's the thing. Watching Castle and seeing that Rick Castle has an iPhone, or that Detective Beckett has a Palm Pre? Eh, whatever. They're probably going to have a cell phone, like most of the people in the US. As long as you're not throwing that device into my face really obnoxiously, I don't care what it is.

Especially if the phone doesn't fit the personality/work/hobby. e.g. in Tron Legacy, Sam is running around with a Nokia N8. Surely a Unix geek as would choose a N900 :)

Comment Re:Price difference (Score 1) 120

One of the reasons Nintendo gave for region-locking the 3DS was for differences customizing each region for the best experience, like language. So, clearly, since Europe has so many languages, the need to pay more. I guess.

Why would you need region locking for that? If someone needs the extra language then they will buy the localised, more expensive, version. If people do not care and would rather buy the cheaper english version then probably localisation isn't needed after all.

Comment Re:3d hype. (Score 1) 218

Funny how people blast Wii gamers because it's not as "shiny 3d" as the Xbox360 or the PS3, but when the topic switches to 3D movies the Wii gamers are suddenly right, i.e. the content is more important than the presentation.

What makes you believe that the sides do not switch between arguements?!

Comment Re:It is Vista 1.1 (Score 1) 412

4) Vista SP 1 fixed a lot of performance-related bugs. In other words, pre-SP1, Vista was slow and buggy: That bug for example was fixed, but the crucial point is, it was there when Vista was rolled out and everyone and their dog wrote reviews. Recovering a ruined reputation is hard.

Comment Re:How insensitive! (Score 0) 125

Though, I will add, the bit about the lawsuit is rather excessive. While, yes, I see why there are laws that govern things like handicap accessibility in buildings and jobs, but when you're playing what is, essentially, visual media... that's starting to stretch it. Thanks to nerve damage sustained from a Hot Wheel car when I was a kid, I am unable to diverge my eyes.... maybe I could sue the Magic Eye people.

Comment Re:I assume you mean MD-diagnosed (Score 1) 423

The CDC estimates 22M cases among Americans through mid-October. The actual number is probably close to 30M by now, which is nearly 1 in 10. Since most people know roughly 100 other people, that means the poll averages should be closer to 10, not 2-5, and *certainly* not "none at all." Most people who picked the "None" option are either willfully ignorant or woefully uninformed.

Okay, if you want to take that approach (and personally, I consider the CDC as full of shit on this one - No way have they actually confirmed 22M cases, they've gone by MD reporting, which currently consists of "You have flu symptoms? Go away. Swine flu. Have a script for Tamiflu, and consider yourself yet another statistic"), let me clarify my answer of "none":

If I know anyone with the swine flu, then, as per my expectations, it counts as nothing worse than every other yearly flu contracted by millions of people. No one that I know dead, no one that I know knocked on their ass any harder than by any other flu, no one that I know who even felt the need to go to the doctor for treatment.

So Swine Flu? I can't with 100% certainty say "none". I can, however, say with 100% certaintly that no one has caught the media-feeding-frenzy, FUD-of-the-year plague-to-end-all-plagues.

Comment Re:Day is Night, Black is White, and Good is Evil (Score 1) 505

Oh, I understand. You jumped straight into a thread without understanding what it is about.

You try to discredit me through attacking my character, instead of attacking my premise. I don't think you even understand my premise.

I never suggested there was less malware for Windows than OS X (cause obviously Windows is littered with it). I never suggested to ignore bugs (where did you get this from?). All I suggested was that Windows Vista/7 has many security features built in that Mac OS X does not. And it is of my opinion, for example, a person surfing with IE8 in Vista/7 is more secure than that of a person surfing Safari on OS X. However, I still think you are more likely going to be targeted on a Windows platform than an Apple one - so while the security of product might be better or on par with Mac OS X, it will be more likely of the 2 to have malware.

Being a target does not make a product less secure, but rather makes security problems more likely to arise.

I do think it's a baseless and obviously biased claim when people say Mac OS X security is fantastic, and in the same breath say Windows is so far behind in this department. This people are usually Mac fanboy's or M$ bashers.

You, I think, are just an idiot.

Comment Re:Multics (Score 1) 875

Reminds me of something my father told me about. He's in the cyclotron (atom smashers, for medical purposes) business, and back in the 70s, the control systems for his machines were run on PDP 11s.

Well, the old computers have all died over the years, but some of that equipment is still running, albeit with it's third owner. Y'know, Sloan Kettering upgrades and sells their cyclotron to UCLA. UCLA upgrades and sells it to University of Shanghai. Shanghai sells it to a hospital in Java...

Anyway, the same control software is being used; they're just running PDP 11 emulators in a Windows context.

Comment Re:How much? They'll tell you how much. (Score 1) 199

>>>they'd make off with around two grand before they were stopped. I was informed that I'm only worth 645 dollars. :/

Correct. The "guy" pays $645 for your information and he scores about $2000 using it. So around $1300 profit minus expenses like gasoline, renting a place to atash the stuff, and so on. It wouldn't make sense for the guy to pay $5000 for your data if he's only netting $2000 stolen, would it?

I had my credit card number stolen one time, and somebody in California bought $3500 worth of stuff at Walmart. I had been traveling and I suspected the girl behind the Motel 6 desk had collected and sold my number. I don't know how much the scammer paid that girl but if it was around $1500 (Symantec's estimate), then he "earned" $2000 profit overall. Not bad.

See it's not about "your" value. It's about the value to the scam artist and how much he thinks he can get with that data.

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