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Journal Qzukk's Journal: Election Campaign Forecast 7

On the Democrat side, I expect to see more "adjustments" in the jobless rate. On November 7th, we'll be back to 9%.

On the Republican side, I expect to see more refineries have mysterious fires, power outages, and pipeline closures. On November 7th, they'll all suddenly be fixed.

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Election Campaign Forecast

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  • The Iran hostages were released on January 20, 1981.. That's how the game is played and the voters fall for it every time.

    • No, wait: Carter was POTUS. If his policy failed, he should have changed his policy.
      I don't buy off on this lame duck victim noise.
      If you want to put faith in a conspiracy, and Carter's vulnerability to that, would that not be prima facie evidence of the need to punt the twerp?
      • Nope, Reagan's people made the deal. Little different from Iran/contra. With all the evidence either destroyed (burn the tapes!) or classified, it's damn hard to prove though. There's no such thing as coincidence in this business. Corrupt as hell the whole bunch. I didn't care for Carter either, but some things are a bit too obvious to overlook. However, PR wise, it was the devaluation is the dollar that really did him in. And once again, we can look to our good friends on Wall Street on that one. Carter w

        • "Brothers in arms?" Look, faith is faith, but attempting to treat the Sermon on the Mount as a political treatise is just daft.
          One of the vast, overarching foreign policy problems we have is understanding that nation-building is not our job.
          Support the Shah? Ferdinand Marcos? Mubarak? I think in the near-term, we go for stability, and in the long-term, we try to direct things generally toward more representative governments. But people in these foreign places don't just get a perestroika or glastnost laid
          • There are just so many things wrong with your post.. Hard to know where to begin...

            The historical/geographic aspect of American Exceptionalism is that this country enjoyed a period of relative stability and prosperity in the 1700s that was the petri dish of our experiment in self-government.

            Heh, too freaky, man. I wonder how much you read of anything that didn't come from a landed, aristocratic 'forefather' to back that up. There must be something on record, somewhere... Letters, something.

            Jimmy Carter is a

  • Do you have any idea how the unemployment numbers are calculated by the NLRB?

    Do a little research, you'll find that those numbers cannot be gamed by an administration.

    The recent number also happens to jibe with ADPs results, which are based on figures reported by businesses.

  • The Employment Prevention Agency sees to that.

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