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Comment That's NOT what happened at Love Canal. (Score 1) 944

Love Canal was a perpetual source of interest for me ten years ago and I did my homework. The Niagara Falls school district bears as much if not more responsibility than Hooker Chemical. At least namedrop something more like Bhopal or Times Beach. And go look up Love Canal on Wikipedia. It's an accurate encyclopedic article on the matter, and additionally it informed me of the unforeseen consequences of building the LaSalle Expressway on the old railroad right-of-way at the southern edge of the neighborhood, something I never even considered when writing those papers back as a teenager.

Comment Re: In the kitchen (Score 3, Insightful) 547

The person you replied to was talking about gun laws in Massachusetts. You're talking about gun sales in the United States of America as a whole, completely ignoring state-level differences. If you don't see the obvious, slap-you-in-the-face error here, then you should trust that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. If you are indeed a United States citizen, which I heavily doubt, you're a fool. Pick another topic to try to sound smart about.

Comment Re: loud quiet loud quiet (Score 1) 288

Don't worry, our generation is actually too broke to afford big things. Those ads are geared as much to Daddy's wallet as they are to their debt-ridden and/or wage-slave Millenial adult children. No parent wants to see *their* kid fall down the class ladder, but there's limited vacancy. Ads gained to, and only to, Millenials services enerally spun towards the value and frugality angle, or are ads for debt-rescue or higher education (especially for-profit universities, since this generation is still full of suckers who think degrees are worth anything more than the paper they're printed on) or other financial services or products. The Millennial generation is headed towards poverty, and we know it. As far as ads for teenagers go, teenagers aren't Millenials. They're the children of the young end of Generation X.

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