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Comment The other problem AT&T had... (Score 4, Interesting) 31

...Customers who wanted more privacy had to pay another $29 a month..

Once AT&T put a price on customer privacy ($29 per month) then, if AT&T were ever found violating customer privacy, the cost to settle would start at $29 per month per customer involved. imo, AT&T's legal department did not want to have a specific cost placed on customer privacy.

Comment Re: This is why I don't use Plex. (Score 1) 164 know exactly what he means. An x86 PC....

I do not read minds, only words. And I read and attributed meaning to what he wrote.

An x86 PC.

Maybe he meant an older Mac?

A router uses a small fraction of what a desktop of uses.

Nowadays, PCs have drastically reduced their energy usage. I have a PC that uses ten watts. Since you can read minds, how many watts does his router and hard drive use?

Comment Seriously, *only* 400 million? (Score 2) 153

...Microsoft added that this 400 million active devices figure include tablets and phones as well as Xbox One consoles, HoloLens, and Surface Hubs running Windows 10. Paul Thurrott adds:...

After a year of lambasting users to upgrade, at times trying to trick and mislead users into upgrading, 400 million devices, which includes tablets and phones as well as Xbox One consoles, is all that Windows 10 has garnered so far?

Instead of issuing a press release, Microsoft should be hanging its head in shame.

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