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Comment Probably gonna need more... (Score 1) 270

...Scientists theorized that metallic hydrogen ... could have a transformative effect on modern electronics and revolutionize medicine, energy and transportation, as well as herald in a new age of consumer gadgets.

To do all that, they're probably going to need a lot more metallic hydrogen than was lost in the accident. So I'd suggest the scientists concentrate upon making more metallic hydrogen.

. iow, don't cry over sublimated hydrogen.

Comment Windows 10 is a means to an end (Score 4, Informative) 161

Microsoft has re-purposed Windows. No longer is Windows main functionality an operating system. Windows has become the basis for egregiously extensive data collection. The sooner everyone who uses Windows realizes that, the sooner they will stop trying to keep Windows in the past when it was actually a useful operating system.

Comment Re:Pale Moon is very nice (Score 1) 225

...On the down side, I do occasionally find a site that won't work. I'm not entirely sure if it's Pale Moon, or my combination of script and ad blockers....

The past few months, I've been finding more and more sites that don't work or render properly using the latest and greatest version of Firefox. I've had to use IE in order to use the website. So Firefox seems to be falling behind in the website compatibility area. Given its dismal marketshare, it is not really a surprise to me that web developers seem to be abandoning Firefox.

Comment At some point... (Score 1) 104

... and we may be there already, facebook is going to become such a systemic part of our world (not our "digital" world, just our world) that facebook can basically do anything they want with the privacy agreement and be met with minimal, if any, complaints.

Comment If you ant to evaluate a developer... (Score 1) 229

...One of the easiest ways to evaluate a developer is keeping a tab on the amount of value they provide to a business. ...

... you need to look at things that are under her/his control. If the developer is placed on low-value projects, then the value of that developer is low. Does that mean the developer is no good? Evaluating the value of a developer to the company may be more of an evaluation of management than the developer.

Comment "Best" for me is not the fastest... (Score 3, Insightful) 105

"Best" for me is coverage in the areas that I frequent and require a good cell signal. For me, Verizon fails the test, not even havingg one bar at one location I frequent, while AT&T has at least four bars in all the locations I frequent. I've not had a chance to try T-Mobile at this point.

Comment Read-only password needed (Score 4, Interesting) 652

If this behavior is permitted, then the social media sites need to start implementing read-only passwords for account. It is one thing to allow the US government to see everything n your account, and all your friend's accounts. It is an entirely different thing to allow the US government to act on your behalf with your account.

Comment Re:I think that feature is a bug (Score 1) 171

Microsoft really thinks that the constant updating of Windows is a desirable feature?...

I wouldn't mind constant updates if Microsoft also had said something along the lines of... "in order to improve our customers' experiences, we will be significantly upgrading our Quality Assurance capability, instead of using our consumer-products user base as beta testers."


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