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Comment So.... advertisements, correct? (Score 1) 49

"We don't want anything to come in-between the user and their access to the information they're actually looking for. If a brand can add value in that space, fantastic."

That sounds an awful lot like advertising to me. Let me phrase it differently, the absolute last thing I want out of google home is for some hipster working deep inside google to be able to say, "hey, this is cool, let's spam google home users with it." As of now, Google Home is a non-starter in my household.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 5, Informative) 124

I have both DMARC and SPF installed and configured correctly... I still get spam! ...

DMARC and SPF are for senders, not recipients. You can set up DMARC and SPF all you want for your domains, but if the senders who send you mail do not set it up for *their* domains, and you do not reject emails that DMARC flags for you, then you're going to continue getting spam.

And that's the point of TFA. More email senders have to set up DMARC, et al. When enough have set up DMARC, then it will be possible for your server to reject most spam.

All the spammer has to do is also set up SPF and DMARC.

With the authenticated sender (via DMARC and SPF) you would know it is a spammer. That's the point

Comment Re:Proof was not given... (Score 1) 352

...So there is a correlation between Accidents and DST....

There may be a correlation between accidents and DST, I'm not denying that....

Causality, well that is a different story.

To me it looks as if there is a group of people who just do not like DST. So they've gone out and tried to search for reasons why DST is bad. When playing in the realm of statistics and correlation, you tend to find what you're looking for. Whether or not it is a valid causality.

I think we should eliminate lunch hours, because of all the pedestrian accidents that occur during that hour each weekday. Far more, on a yearly basis, that what happens during the DST time changes.

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