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Comment Google should address Android security (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Android's huge problem these days is the number of unpatched devices "out there" because the OEMs don't want to patch those devices and, when the OEMs do patch, the incredible slowness of getting the devices patched and upgraded.

The proposal under discussion on this thread has no benefit to mitigating those two problems that Android has.

Why is google putting Android security and upgrades in the low-priority queue?

Comment I'd prefer if facebook (Score 4, Insightful) 93

allowed me to configure my newsfeed the way I want it to look, and have it stay that way.

I'd configure it for no news, and most recent posts first.

Such a simple request, it amazes me why facebook doesn't allow it.

As things stand now, I find myself using facebook less and less because it has become annoying to use it.

Comment Natural progression (Score 3, Insightful) 160

It's a natural progression. As a set of core functional requirements start to emerge, a way of easily implementing those core functional requirements also emerges.

For example, what I currently do in a LibreOffice spreadsheet used to require one or two developers to write the software to do the same thing.

Now I just open a spreadsheet, enter some numbers and do the analysis myself.

Comment My first criterion for a cloud provider: (Score 2) 59

Does the cloud provider have IPv6 support? If not, I look elsewhere. Not necessarily because I need IPv6 support now, but because i don't want to be using a cloud that is transitioning to supporting IPv6. That has the possibility of being very disruptive.

For that reason, I avoid Amazon's AWS. No IPv6 support, even though it's been "available soon" for years. Years!! That tells me that there is some fundamental issue with Amazon's AWS. Did it expand too rapidly, and now the infrastructure is not architected well-enough to provide for future feature enhancements?

So what cloud providers support IPv6?

Comment Gov't building database on US citizens (Score 5, Interesting) 220

If a foreign traveler is coming to the US for a visit, chances are that person will have some facebook, linkedin or other social media contacts who are US citizens.

So, in effect, this proposal results in the government building a database of US citizens. The government couldn't do that directly, so they go about it indirectly, i.e., using foreigners as the entry point into social media. From that entry point, they just follow the links and connections.

Comment Re:Oh yawn... (Score 0) 237

ROTFL. That's your opinion.

On the contrary, it's a fact. You see, I know exactly how I think about my code, Torvalds hasn't a clue. So if he says I prefer BSD license because I don't care about my code, he is expressing his opinion. I can definitely say his opinion is wrong because I know what I think about my code.

But have fun!

btw, I've noticed a change in the GPL busy-bodies' approach to evangelism. It used to be "set your code free with GPL" or some such. I could never understand how my code could be more free with more restrictions placed upon how it can be used.

Now I'm noticing the change to more of a "your code isn't good enough to be GPL-licensed" style of approach.

I never understood why the GPL busy bodies were so concerned with what i did with the code i write. :)

Comment Next step, "Unlimited, unthrottled, un-down-rez'd" (Score 1) 92

Just like Comcast has been doing (pay to avoid data caps, pay to preserve your privacy from deep packet sniffing), the comms companies are nickeling and diming their customers to death because profit growth has all but stalled otherwise.

The onslaught of news fees is all about profit, not benefit to customers.

Comment I wish I could purchase laws... (Score 1) 77

Unfortunately, I don't have the money to spare to buy the activities of lobbyists and give massive campaign contributions to those who pass legislation. I'm just an ordinary citizen who is subject to the downward spiral of deteriorating customer service and who watches as our Country falls further and further behind the rest of the world in broadband deployment.

But the ISPs, God bless 'em. They are making money like crazy as they continue to purchase laws favorable to reducing competition and increasing profits.

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