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Submission + - Fukushima soil contamination probed (bbc.co.uk)

AmiMoJo writes: "New research has found that radioactive material in parts of north-eastern Japan exceeds levels considered safe for farming. The findings provide the first comprehensive estimates of contamination across Japan following the nuclear accident in 2011. An international team of researchers took measurements of the radioactive element caesium-137 in soil and grass from all but one of Japan's 47 regions. The researchers estimate that caesium-137 levels close to the nuclear plant were eight times the safety limit, while neighbouring regions were just under this limit."

Submission + - Boy killed by exploding Office Chair (sankakucomplex.com)

The Land of Smeg writes: "Itay News (Japanese) and Sankaku Complex are reporting that a fourteen-year-old boy was killed after the chair he was sitting on exploded, propelling sharp chairs parts into his rectum, resulting in extensive bleeding, to which he succumbed before medical attention could stem the flow.

The chair in question was a standard gas cylinder type, where the height is regulated by an adjustable cylinder containing highly pressurised gas, and it was this which exploded, sending high velocity chair parts into the posterior of the unfortunate youth.

The illustrated chair shows the severity of such a cylinder malfunction. This really makes you think, is your office chair safe?"


Submission + - Free-Lance Code Ownership and Rights 1

Ralthanor writes: "I am a freelance and subcontract PHP/MySQL programmer and general systems admin. One of my clients recently asked me to sign over all rights and ownership of the code that I write for him, as a condition for doing business. I, however, like to reuse my code for other projects, since most of what I write is fairly generic. Also, he wants me to sign over rights to anything I invent that is at all connected to the work I do for him, but the way I see it, every piece of PHP I write can be seen as connected to any other PHP I write, since I am always honing my technique. I would prefer that the client and I both have full rights to the code, to reuse, modify, distribute, etc. — is this unreasonable to ask? I know I need to get professional legal advice, but just so I have an idea of what to expect: what is industry standard on this? How do you deal with this issue? I appreciate any advice you can give me."
Input Devices

Submission + - Multi-layer Laptop Keyboard (jamus.co.nz)

Bill Pearls writes: "An article that details the benefit arising from having a two-layered keyboard setup in a laptop. The obvious advantage is the extra space gained from having a compact laptop, which gives rise to greater mobility compared to laptops that attempt to fit every single key in. A form study prototype has also been made and showcased in the article."

Submission + - Olympus intros a 3D viewing kit for PCs

An anonymous reader writes: Olympus recently introduced a 3D viewing kit for PCs which will allow users to view 3D content simply by attaching the kit to a standard LCD monitor. The PC 3D Viewer Kit will be sold as a bundle consisting of an LCD monitor and a package containing 3D media player software, 3D shutter glasses and a controller box. The kit is designed for use by creators of 3D content. By using this kit, they will be able to view the 3D content of work in progress immediately using CG software.
Data Storage

Submission + - Impressive First Benchmarks of the OCZ Vertex SSD (ocztechnologyforum.com)

Metabolife writes: The new OCZ Vertex is even faster than OCZ expected. With write speeds approaching 250MB/s (64MB cache, writes are faster than reads), it could end up being an X-25 killer. This is on the pre- production v10 firmware, the release firmware may end up being a bit slower. Also of note is that the >=128GB versions are faster than the smaller models.

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