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Submission + - How much do staff really represent their company?

Quick Reply writes: "I had the 'magical' experience of Dealing with Apple today. One of their Sales staff suggested that I buy an extra battery to store long-term until the main battery needs replacing, at the time I bought my laptop a few years ago.

Well as it turns out, the second battery isn't designed to be stored long-term as it will "expire". Now the company is point blank refusing to replace the out of warranty item, justifying that it was the product was "Misrepresented" only by one particular staff member a few years ago, and the company can't take responsibility for what a particular staff member said a few years ago.

I ask Slashdot, when a company staff member makes a mistake, is the company right to say that this was a personal mistake of an individual staff member, or should the company be taking responsibility for the mistakes of their individual staff members while doing their job?

Maybe it is just me that finds it absurd to suggest that a company representative is not really representing their company."

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