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Submission + - Raspberry Pi partnering with RS Components and Farnell (

steve.m writes: The news is up on — The foundation have licensed production and distribution to RS components and Premier Farnell (element14)

Both websites have been knocked out in the 06:00 GMT rush to be the first to buy and rumors are circulating that emelent14 has already run out!

These companies are global electronic component distributors so as soon as they ramp up production the Raspberry Pi boards should be available in good supply world wide.

Also, the model 'A' board (no Ethernet) has had a spec bump to 256MB RAM

Submission + - Raspberry Pi goes on sale today (

niftydude writes: The long-awaited raspberrypi went on sale today at 0600 UST. Due to anticipated demand, sales have been offloaded to farnell and rs components. Even so, both and have suffered temporary meltdown at the hands of avid raspberry seekers. Announcement is at

Submission + - rasperry pi website overwhelmed (

An anonymous reader writes: The raspberry pi websites that have a big announcement in 9 minutes appear to be overwhelmed. Everyone is anticipating the first batch of boards ($35 version) to go on sale, but it does not appear to be letting people access due to high volume.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi to be Announced Tomorrow? (

An anonymous reader writes: Hardware hackers everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Raspberry Pi, a linux-capable embedded ARM device selling for as low as US$25. Aimed at the education, maker & hobbyist markets, the device is the brainchild of Eben Upton who launched a non-profit organization to oversee design, production and sale of the devices.

Originally expected to be released in 2011, the organization has experienced numerous delays as manufacturing and testing bugs were ironed out. But, the raspberry pi web site carried an announcement late last night that they will be "making an important announcement" tomorrow morning (2011-02-29) at 6AM GMT (that's 10PM Tuesday night in California.)

In the past, the organization has announced delays on web forums associated with their domain and has yet to "announce an announcement." It is widely believed general availability will be announced tomorrow. Upton has in the past eschewed the practice of taking pre-orders, preferring to only take people's money when they have a shipping product. So it is anticipated that the opening of a web storefront will also be announced tomorrow.

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