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Operating Systems

Submission + - Can Instant-on Linux Turn Off Windows? (channelinsider.com)

buzzardsbay writes: "Motherboard manufacturer Asustek Computer is ready to throw down the gauntlet when it comes to the instant-on PC. Frustrated with the boot times associated with today's operating systems, Asus is now embedding a Linux environment called Slashtop, that incorporates Firefox and Skype into its motherboards. The idea here is that in less than 10 seconds, a user can turn on the PC and be surfing the Web, checking e-mail or even making VOIP calls — simple tasks that are currently all but impossible with today's operating systems."

Submission + - More efficient IT?

mooreBS writes: I'm currently employed as the CAD administrator at one of the few surviving machine tool manufacturers in the US. Recently I was told that the company wants me to take on even more responsibility and won't compensate me for doing so. I balked because I'm already putting in fifty hours a week and I'm underpaid. When I voiced my objection I was told that I simply need to be more efficient. I was at a loss for words.

How do you increase efficiency as an IT worker? Most of my job involves tracking down arcane bugs in the software we use, reporting them to the developers, and finding a workaround until a patch is issued. I'm also responsible for installing software, documenting and maintaining the system, as well as testing new releases of software. My company is on a lean kick right now which is all right for assembly lines, but I'm not sure how to apply lean principles to IT. Any suggestions?
Data Storage

Submission + - OCZ's Core Series SSD vs WD VelociRaptor (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: "Solid State Disks (SSDs) are all the rage as of late, as pricing continues a downward trend. In addition, performance has continued to improve with SSDs as the technology matures. Recently, announcements from major OEMs like Samsung have promised fairly impressive offerings with read/write performance that would rival most standard spinning disks and of course sub-1ms access times that literally no standard rotational media can come close to. HotHardware took a look at a fast, relatively cheap SSD, the OCZ Core Series 64GB, that retails for around $200 and put it up against the lightning fast WD VelociRaptor to see what it was made of. The results are interesting to be sure."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Ubisoft Steals 'No-CD Crack' to Fix Rainbox 6: Veg (torrentfreak.com)

Ariastis writes: UbiSoft has long been against No-CD patches. Referring to them on their forums would get you warned or banned. But now, they have just officially released a patch for Rainbox 6: Vegas 2 which, when opened in a HEX editor, can easily be identified as coming from the RELOADED scene group, not from UbiSoft programmers. Picture of hex analysis here. See? Piracy ain't that bad, saves you from having to code fixes from your own games! (Watch the drama on the Ubi Forums, before it gets scrubbed clean)

Submission + - Ministry of Defence loses 100+ USB memory sticks (bbc.co.uk)

craigavonite writes: "More than 100 USB memory sticks, some containing secret information, have been lost or stolen from the Ministry of Defence since 2004, it has emerged. The department also admitted that more than 650 laptops had been stolen over the past four years — nearly double the figure previously claimed. The Liberal Democrats condemned the latest security breaches as evidence of "shocking incompetence". But the MoD insisted its policies were "generally fit for purpose". Previously the MoD had confirmed that 347 laptops were stolen between 2004 and 2007. The Mod said it has no idea on when, where and how the memory sticks were lost. Defence Secretary Des Browne issued revised figures after "anomalies in the reporting process" were discovered. The official total is now 658 laptops stolen, with another 89 lost. Just 32 have been recovered."

Really inspires confidence doesn't it? You can read the full article over on BBC News


Submission + - Impulse - Next-Gen Digital Distribution Platform

Island Dog writes: With the backing of industry powerhouse games and software developers and publishers, Stardock today announced the launch of its next-generation digital distribution platform, Impulse (www.impulsedriven.com). Impulse is a cohesive, integrated virtual platform for consumers and developers that is designed to simplify buying, supporting, and developing PC games and applications for Windows XP and Vista.



Submission + - SPAM: Best Command Line on the Planet

losethos writes: "The LoseThos command line operates with the C/C++ syntax, feeding into a compiler (not an interpreter) and allows output of active links, tree widget, graphics, margins, page settings, colors and more. This is truely revolutionary. Your start menu has icons with macro text to be sent to the command-line. Source code supports graphics, too. It's the grand unification theory of heaven — command-line, menus, source code, forms, help, all with one document format. Plus, the syntax of the command-line is unified with the C/C++ programming language. This is how it should have been done, long ago, except we got stuck in the 1970's."
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Submission + - New iPhone pricing plan a step backward? (nytimes.com)

Ardvark writes: The cheaper price of the new iPhone may come with a dark side for proponents of open access for wireless networks. AT&T will be subsidizing the price of the iPhone and requiring a 2 year service contract, with no option to pre-pay on a monthly basis. Sadly, it sounds like the new iPhone is going to perpetuate the practice of carrier lock-in and not move us any closer to the day when we can bring the device of our choice to a cellular carrier and use it as we choose.

Submission + - Original Ada Lovelace painting purchased on eBay

An anonymous reader writes: Computer geeks on opposite ends of the Earth have found the original sketch of the world's first programmer. In a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, a United States Army sergeant in Tajikistan and a programmer in Texas resurrected the legend of Ada Lovelace by buying up her nearly 150-year-old watercolor portrait on eBay. TG Daily has the story and a few pictures.

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