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The Gimp

Submission + - The GIMP used to solve homicide

b1ng0 writes: The acclaimed show "Forensic Files" on TruTV is airing an episode tonight that features The GIMP and how it was used in a homicide case. Has The GIMP gone mainstream now that it's been featured on TV? "Coming up July 18 at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time, we have another episode that might inspire some investigators. "About Face" tells the story of a Jane Doe skeleton and the steps detectives took to identify her. They had a skull and photos of missing women, and wondered if there was a way to do a comparison without paying a high-tech lab thousands of dollars for photo or video superimposition. A dedicated team at the University of North Carolina's Wilmington campus did some trial and error experimenting. They took photos of the skull tilted at the same angles as the women's heads in the missing persons photos, and compared them using a free program available online called The GNU Image Manipulation Program or "GIMP" for short. (Check out the GIMP here: I won't tell you how it turned out, but I will say bones can be used to identify someone — long after they're gone."

Submission + - Opera 9.5 released today 1

Dan100 writes: Opera 9.5 has been released today after nearly two years of development. New features include increased speed (particularly in the Javascript engine), Opera Link (browser synchronisation), and a "sharp" new theme.

A full changelog from 9.27 is here.

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