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Comment Wrong location (Score 5, Funny) 810

Take the people who believe they're in a haunted house and send them through an MRI to see what part of their brain is damaged. Don't waste your time in the supposed haunted house, the feeling of a 'presence' and 'ghosts' and any other paranormal crap is all in the person's head. So start there.

Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 854

Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy if I've ever heard one... People don't play the final levels so we don't put much effort into them, so in turn people will not want to play the crappy final levels, rinse and repeat. STUPID logic. How about making every level more and more interesting, drawing the player further and further into the game. God of War did a great job of that. The story and the levels became more and more interesting as you went through the game. Give the users incentive to continue playing... spending less and less effort on the content as the game progresses leads to shit releases like DOOM 3, after the second level it looked like the level was script generated, by the 5th level I wasn't killing zombies, *I* the player, had become a zombie.

Comment Re:Diesels already do this. (Score 1) 576

My guess is because they focused on 'safety'. Late 90's early 2000's, most of the cars were getting ABS, all sorts of airbags, traction control, stupid junk like 'on-star', navigation, power windows/locks/seats/steering columns/etc., Tire Pressue monitoring, climate control... The focus was on luxurious features and safety, which added lots of weight.

And then to add insult to injury the emissions standards got thrown in, and manufacturers were forced to scrap the old way of doing things to meet the new standards. It takes a long time for a new engine design to make it from concept to production, and the manufacturers were sitting on their laurels as it were.

Comment Re:Diesels already do this. (Score 1) 576

First, check your purge control valve, if it sticks open it'll kill your fuel economy. I clean mine every 50,000km. The valve has a design flaw in the 04/05 model car. I never bothered to let them replace it at the dealership, so if yours wasn't replaced, this may be why you're not seeing good fuel economy.

Next, I neglected to mention I drive a manual transmission, I'm sure it makes a few MPG difference but based on your reaction, I'll assume your results are WAY off mine.

If I drive like I have a deathwish and pretend the gas and brake pedals are digital inputs, I can still get 600km out of a 52 Litre tank. If I simply accelerate normally from stoplights, and pay attention to keeping the throttle constant when cruising at highway speeds, I'll easily hit 800km a tank. I'm not talking about hypermiling, drafting trucks, and coasting downhill with the engine off... I've heard people pass 1000km on a tank doing crazy shit like that, but that isn't real world.

I'd highly recommend getting a scangage or similar device and hooking it up to your car to see your instantaneous fuel consumption. Very small changes in how you handle the accelerator pedal make a world of difference on your fuel consumption, and without it affecting your ability to keep up with normal traffic, hell I average 20km/h over the posted speed limit on highways, and I really do get over 40MPG.

Comment Re:Diesels already do this. (Score 2, Interesting) 576

I have a 2005 2.0L Mazda 3. It easily gets 40MPG, and if I pay attention to not mashing the gas pedal randomly while crusing (a big cause of wasted gas since the speed stays more or less the same but the fuel consumption increases), I can easily get 50MPG.

I agree that Diesel has done this for a while. But, while you cite no ignition system to go wrong, I cite cheap maintenance costs (oil change on a diesel is much more expensive, and a recurring cost), and I live in Canada and can't be bothered to worry about installing a block heater for those few days where my petrol engine sounds painful when started, but my diesel friends can't start. Low end torque is owned by diesel, but it's ALWAYS at the cost of incomplete combustion. Not even the latest and greatest modern diesels will accelerate off the line without a plume of black come out the tailpipe... which leads to further maintenance costs down the line.

Diesel has it's place, some people love it, some people hate it. But what I found great is that not only is it quite possible based on my own experience to get a non-direct fuel injected petrol car up to 50MPG, it looks like this mazda 2 and its new tech can reach 60+ MPG. The stupid hybrids out there with their insanely expensive markups, and huge toxic batteries can't acheive 50MPG in the real world. I can't speak for the Mazda 2, but with my 5 year old 3 I can get 50MPG in the real world. It's nice to see a company focus on actually improving fuel economy instead of this hybrid hack job.

Possible Treatment For Ebola 157

RedEaredSlider writes "Researchers at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases have found a class of drugs that could provide treatment for Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever. The new drugs are called 'antisense' compounds, and they allow the immune system to attack the viruses before they can do enough damage to kill the patient. Travis Warren, research scientist at USAMRIID, said while the work is still preliminary -— the drugs have been tested only on primates — the results are so far promising. In the case of Ebola, five of eight monkeys infected with the virus lived, and with Marburg, all survived. The drugs were developed as part of a program to deal with possible bioterrorist threats, in partnership with AVI Biopharma."

Comment Re:Hrm (Score 1) 144

I tried that approach a few years ago (pay everything in cash)... only problem was I needed a bank account to cash my paycheque... So that's all I had it for... to put the cheque in, and remove the cash right after. Worked great... until I tried to get car insurance for a car that I paid for in cash... apparently I had no credit history and therefor was a high risk to insure.

So I hacked the credit application database and gave myself great credit.... umm... where was I going with this... ???

Comment I seem to have missed why we'd want this (Score 0, Flamebait) 265

So basically instead of just writing a windows app, people are going to write IE-9 specific HTML 5 extended (or enhanced) pages that load only on Windows systems and pretty much perform the same things a windows app would do (hardware accelerated).

Isn't this a really long roundabout way of just allowing apps to run off the web in a sandbox? Why the smoke and mirrors?

Comment Re:Yeah, maybe (Score 2, Insightful) 612

Nobody is infallible. This friend of yours may be smart, he may be extremely good at writing bug free code, but he is worthless as a developer for a company that needs to create anything useful if he is naive enough to believe he can write totally bug free code.

I rather have someone working with me that is an average developer who does their best to write bug free code, but deals with unexpected situations than one who thinks they're smart enough to forsee every possible outcome during code execution.

This guy sounds like the 'Greek Tragedy' of programming. An infallible developer... HA!

Comment Re:I just don't even open the door (Score 3, Interesting) 307

Some how, in North America, your mentality would be viewed as admission of guilt, and they'd find you guilty of pirating software that quite probably hasn't even been written yet.

We seem to have fallen into a guilty until proven innocent beyond any doubt (no matter how unreasonable) system up here... How's the weather down there? If you guys have cheap internet, I'm willing to emmigrate...

Comment Re:Perfectly valid (Score 1) 405

-- I'm quite eager to start 'testing' satellite TV signals again... After all,
-- it's just some keys used for signing, right? I purchased my hardware
-- receiver for money, right? Quite the slippery slope, isn't it?

-No. It's fundamentally different

I take a TI calculator, using keys obtained from internet forums I sign my hacked version (or homebrew, or whatever) and load it onto my device and expose functionality that I am not entitled to access from the hardware.
I take a Nintendo DS, using keys I obtained from internet forums, I sign my homebrew game and load it onto the device. I am now playing games on my DS that are not sanctioned by Nintendo (replace Nintendo with Sony Playstation, Apple iPhone, Microsoft XBOX, etc.).
I now take a DirecTV receiver, using keys I obtained from the internet, I load a firmware version on the device that allows me to tune into channels that I don't have in my 'package'.

Please, humor me, as I'm not seeing how this isn't a quick and logical argument that if I can do the first thing, why can't I progress to the last thing using the same legal arguments along the way? I paid for the hardware in all cases.

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