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United Kingdom

Submission + - Olympics Games Requires Host Countries Pass Specific Laws to Protect Advertisers

PyroMosh writes: "PRI's The World reports that businesses in the UK are facing strict crackdowns on unauthorized use of the Olympic symbols in advertising. This makes some sense. But what doesn't is the overzealous extension of these protections to such generic terms as "the games" or "London 2012". All this is in the name of protecting the right of Olympic sponsor companies (Coke, McDonalds, etc.) to enjoy exclusive use of these marks and terms.

Most disturbingly of all, the IOC requires that before a nation can even bid to host the Olympics, their government must commit to pass arbitrary laws above and beyond what is already in place to protect intellectual property.

Are games important enough for people to be okay with their governments passing laws at the bequest of a private entity?"

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