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Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 325

I felt good afterward, then felt pretty crappy when the 7970 GPU kept stuttering - apparently because of overheating in the quieter case I needed for my own sanity. (Card warranty replacement failed to help)

I'm also always wary of the front-bezel connectors - not just the connectors' quality themselves, but also how they do/don't work with various motherboards' pins and add-on boards... I wish there was some good test equipment to verify all of them.

Comment Re:Just Moral Panic: They're taking our jobs!!! (Score 1) 331

We're out there. Where are your jobs listed?

Between the pure job sites and the social sites and the tech sites and and and... Where is a person supposed to look for your job?

Do you only post yours on your company's contact page? I have no idea if I'm typical, but I'd never see it unless your company had an extremely positive reputation in a hobby I enjoy. Otherwise I never check out a company's website for posted positions - because most of them don't put them there.

Or does your company require applicants to use Taleo, Brassring, or some other job application provider which is not only obtuse and anti-user-friendly, but requires a person to type in EXACTLY THE SAME THING in all the blanks as they did for the previous company they applied to using the same website? And give no way to report a bug or other significant problem?

Whether or not you use an outside website or recruiting firm to screen or locate clients, do you ever give applicants feedback?

I'm with the AC above ( - "Excellent Benefits Package" is a slur in the industry meaning "exactly the same POS as anywhere else".

Comment I want Lessig to *lead* NOT be President! (Score 2) 309

The U.S. political system would have to be completely overhauled in order for one person to make a difference. Especially as President. If someone actually did a study on the mechanics of our 3 branches of government and the usefulness of them, I'd guess every positive change is matched by at least 10 parts obvious corruption, and who knows how much unadvertised corruption.

I don't want Lessig to waste his time in that clusterfuck because I think he's too good of a guy and doing too much good from an outside perspective. I think the best thing for the Republicans is that the Dems make him the president - and absolutely nothing would get done for 4 years, at least until there was an anti-American impeachment hearing. The only thing he might have direct influence over *might* be Executive Directives, and they'd get put right back in after they shoved him out (if anyone ever stopped following the current ones).

In "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (2008) Jennifer Connelly's character said (approx): "Leaders? [The President and the UN] aren't our leaders - I'll take you to one" and she takes him to a Nobel Prize winner in "cooperative biology" - a brilliant, thoughtful person.


Lessig is more than just a thoughtful person, and rather than seeing him get beat down by the political system - ESPECIALLY if he were to win the Presidency! - I hope he continues making more and more of a difference as a professor, private citizen, and activist.

Best of everything to you, sir!

Comment Re:Sadly, many people are financially illiterate (Score 1) 674

What if we went the other direction: instead of giving people money, which can be stolen, etc., could we instead give people the basic necessities?

* everyone gets their own basic apt/condo for free - not great, but near public transit, walk-to shopping etc. including
* a basic store where essential groceries and maybe other items are free
* a clinic where you can go for checkups, etc.
* a library with all the standard stuff including available computers, an extensive help desk and some classes every day

There is still some essential parts open to corruption, but can we work those out?

Comment Re:It's getting scary (Score 1) 150

erm... Your first-order estimate is fine. Now look at the second-order equation:

What do people do when they are on a fixed salary? They look for extra income, especially when they have an inflated sense of self-importance. Whether doctors, politicians, or other government officials - they get bribed by whomever can benefit: namely drug manufacturers (doctors, dentists, health workers of all ilk), lobbyists and big businesses.

There's also the fixed salary but then putting doctors onto fixed schedules where they have to see 1 person every 15 minutes. Or 10. Or whatever the performance standards are nowadays for your health facility of choice (really the health 'provider' which is the insurance company, not the facility itself).

You cannot create a system which cannot be gamed.

This world continues its downward spiral into insanity.

Comment For the Love of Mike: Add Dates AND VERSIONS!!! (Score 1) 211

Whether on StackOverflow,, or ANY OTHER WEBSITE OR ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTATION, please for the sanity of everyone involved clearly state up front:

1. what date it is now, when you write it
2. what version of the immediate software (API, etc.) and supporting software (language, runtime and OS at minimum!)

These will help the rest of humanity to understand the context in which you're proposing your documentation, question, or solution. If it is on a wiki, then create a new page for the new version and leave the previous one(s) up!

Thanks, people!

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