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Comment Gaah! (Score 1) 27

What makes this worse is that Charter essentially used this as an excuse to completely stop extending services anywhere during the lead up to the merger. I lived in a subdivision where Charter ran down the main road going past the subdivision, but not down into it. My neighbor and I got Charter to agree to run cable down to us, but then suddenly their engineer said the deal was off because they got an order to not extend service at all. Meanwhile we had essentially no broadband access because ATT also refused to extend service out that far. All this 35 minutes from Charlotte, NC, where Google is still thinking about running fiber everywhere.

Comment Re:It's amazing she still has defenders (Score 1) 742

I honestly don't see where you people are getting this? At her worst moments, Clinton is slightly left of moderate by American standards. She checks the box on most progressive issues. Her main conservative leaning is that she's a little hawkish, and a little too cozy with Wall Street. She's nowhere near Hitler or pre-hitler.

Comment Re: How about (Score 1) 369

Exactly! My entire job is working with teachers to help them integrate technology. The benefit to Code.org and other simplified programming lessons is getting kids to understand problem solving and process thinking. Too much of school is still rote memorization and regurgitation on tests. When you do ANY type of coding, you teach kids real skills.

Comment Re: What!? (Score 1) 201

Sheesh. What does it take? Isn't it enough that conservatives have historically opposed right for both those groups? If not, why don't you come to where I live in the not-so-deep South and I can fucking introduce you to proud republicans who oppose both. Not all republicans are racist misogynists, but pretty much everyone I've met who is racist or misogynist is a republican.

Comment Re:Cruz isn't a fan (Score 4, Insightful) 242

Flip it around. Has our policy of embargo and detachment helped any of those people? How many "prisoners of conscience" does China hold? Is Cruz proposing we embargo them too? I doubt it. I'm not sure if opening relations with Cuba will fix it. But we know that China is more open now than it was. At least it's worth trying.

Comment Re:Trump vote (Score 1) 707

Um. If there is a tie, then they will work it out. The superdelegates are the way it's worked out. Frankly, in a tie, I would think it would be appropriate for the party to have a say in picking Clinton. I like Sanders, but he's really not a Democat anyway. People make a lot of noise over the superdelegates, but in reality, Clinton could have used them in 2008. She didn't because the superdelegates saw that Obama had more votes and support and they almost all switched to him.

Comment Re:Money will return once China lands on the moon (Score 2) 171

I live in the relatively gentle climate of the southern United States. Yet if you dump me outside in February with no house, no clothes and no tools, and I would be dead in a day. Most of this planet is a hostile environment that we have to use our brains and tools to survive in. Mars would be harder, but not essentially different.

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