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Submission + - The IMSLP Has Been Taken Down By UK Publishers 2

gacl writes: According to a post at the IMSLP Journal, the IMSLP, the largest site on the 'net providing public domain sheet music, has been taken down yet again. The UK-based Music Publisher's Association has sent GoDaddy, the IMSLP's domain registrar, a DMCA takedown notice. The IMSLP argues that the notice is bogus. More detailed discussions on the matter can be found at the IMSLP Forums.

Comment Re:Robosex (Score 1) 465

That may be the case in some marriages, but certainly not all. If you pick the wrong person to marry that is not the fault of the rest of the female sex any more than my very short marriage to a cheating abusive alcoholic who couldn't keep a job was the fault of the entire male sex. You do not have to pay for everything if she makes as much or more money, unless you are looking for a woman who expects you to. Unfortunately women tend to make less money than men, but that may change now that more women are graduating from college. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places, for the wrong women.

Comment has always worked anyway... (Score 1) 48

No, there are other differences but they are pretty obscure. If you use Google AppEngine then if you have a Gmail address you'll find your Gmail name is reserved so that you can use it as an AppEngine site but nobody else can use it. If you have a Googlemail address your userid is still reserved in AppEngine but you can't claim it. Also when AppEngine first came out it wasn't possible to give a googlemail user permission to manage a site: you could permit a gmail user or someone with a non Google email. They fixed that but there have been several cases where googlemail didn't work quite like gmail on newly released Google applications.

Comment Re:Simple math is obviously beyond you... (Score 1) 248

If I'm reading the HM Revenue and Customs website properly, the WiFi-only version will not be subject to import duty because both "Laptop and desktop PCs" and "Palm-held portable" computers are both exempt.

The WiFi+3G model will be subject to import duty, because it could reasonably be described as a "PDA with GPS".

Comment Evolution in a rapid lifecycle (Score 1) 435

I'd like the evolution deniers to come explain this. Yes, it only takes two successive reproductions for the resistance mutation to be successful. And pretty soon it's spreading all over the land mass. Billions and billions of chances for the right mutation to have occurred since the resistant crops and Roundup spraying combination was introduced. Roundup takes care of all the competition in the gene pool pretty efficiently! I just pray that the evolution deniers that couldn't forsee this don't conclude that an engineered virus is the best way to dispatch weeds next. Yeah, those never evolve and cross-over to species. Say corn and wheat? Oh, they'll just "patch that" with new virus-resistant corn and wheat? Sure. Because corporate profits should surely trump biodiversity in crops. Perhaps a little legislation and regulation to make sure we don't make the planet die?

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