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Open Source

Submission + - DOD Releases Open Source Development Guide (

BrandiCook writes: "The Department of Defense (DoD) has weighed in with its own support for open source. The DoD provides a nice analogy: “Imagine if only the manufacturer of a rifle were allowed to clean, fix, modify or upgrade that rifle. The military often finds itself in this position wit taxpayer funded, contractor developed software: one contractor with a monopoly on the knowledge of a military software system and control of the software source code.” Open technology offers increased agility and flexibility, fast delivery, increased innovation, reduced risk, lower cost and information assurance and security, the DoD asserts."

Submission + - Is Anti-Matter Gravitationally Repulsive? (

An anonymous reader writes: A new paper attempts to show how CPT symmetry (charge, parity, and time) and Einstein's General Theory implies that matter and anti-matter should be gravitationally repulsive. The author (who unfortunately plugs his book in the article) believes that this could eliminate the need to postulate dark energy and possibly even dark matter.
Data Storage

Submission + - Self-Wiping Hard Drives From Toshiba (

Orome1 writes: Toshiba announces a family of self-encrypting hard disk drives engineered to automatically invalidate protected data when connected to an unknown host. Data invalidation attributes can be set for multiple data ranges, enabling targeted data in the drive to be rendered indecipherable by command, on power cycle, or on host authentication error.

Submission + - NIH secret plan for shutdown (

mapkinase writes:

Any public discussion of the contingency plans is forbidden "for political reasons," says one high-level official, explaining that the government can't look like it's preparing for a shutdown. Even internal e-mails are now verboten, this source said; instead, planning has been done the old-fashioned way, by word of mouth.


Submission + - France's new measure of well-being: Boredom (

mdsolar writes: "France is the latest country to move beyond Gross Domestic Product — or GDP — to measure economic success. And unlike many countries these days, the French are not switching to measures of well-being and happiness. Instead, the French Office of Economic Analysis has announced plans to systematically measure ennui."

Submission + - Pioneer Anomaly Solved By 1970s Computer Graphics (

Frans Faase writes: "A new computer model of the way heat is emitted by various parts of the Pioneer spacecraft, and reflected off others, finally solves one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics. Previous calculations have only estimated the effect of reflections. A computer modeling technique called Phong shading was used to work out exactly how the the emitted heat is reflected and in which direction it ends up travelling. Taking into account the reflections on the antenna seem to make the anomaly disappear."

Submission + - Intel processor launch 10-core Xeon in half 2011 (

An anonymous reader writes: The recognized provider of chips, Intel has recently announced that the 10-core "Westmere-EX "Xeon is available before the end of the first half of 2011.

The chip will be the next successor to the fastest server processor from Intel, the Nehalem-EX which has eight cores, and was published in 2010.

Intel will use 32nm process technology to construct the 10-core "Westmere-EX" Xeon processor. It should be noted that the current chip Nehalem-EX is designed with the processing of 45-nm technology.

A spokesman for the chip manufacturer, said the next target high-end servers in data centers, large databases and other application needs.

The spokesman also said the systems Westmere EX chips is two socket supports up to 2 TB memory. new technologies help users update the server processors.

Meanwhile, Intel's main rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is preparing a new Bulldozer architecture-based 16-core (code-named Interlagos) start in the third quarter of this year.


Submission + - Cold 'Star' No Hotter Than a Summer's Day (

sciencehabit writes: Researchers have found two brown dwarfs--so-called failed stars that are too small to sustain the stable burning of hydrogen--that are colder than any previously seen. They're so cold and so small that they are almost like giant planets. One's temperature is barely 300 kelvin--about as warm as a bright summer day on Earth. The two objects could be the first examples of a proposed class of ultra-cool brown dwarfs known as the Y-class. And because they are almost as cold as "gas giant" planets—Jupiter is about 150 K—studying them could offer a better handle on what the atmospheres of alien worlds look like.

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