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Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 146

The OS space has really dwindled to just Unix based OS's and Windows of late. You have QNX still in the embedded space and Contiki and FreeRTOS [...]

I don't know what the current breakdown is, but 10 years ago, most houses contained more devices that run ITRON than run any other OS. If you had a digital camera, a smart electricity meter, an aircon, a TV, a DVD player, a microwave oven... chances are it ran ITRON.

Comment Re:Shame 2 (Score 1) 148

$4.00 for a nutritionally complete meal and you're bitching about the price?

It seems highly implausible that there is a single blend of ingredients that is "nutritionally complete" for all humans. Different people have different genes, different gut flora, different lifestyles, and live in different environments.

Comment Re: He didn't "build" anything (Score 1) 319

I would argue that the one cause of the correlation is that different socio-economic groups commit different types of crime. So-called "white collar" criminals aren't arrested or convicted at anywhere near the rate that "blue collar" criminals are. Similarly, possessing powder cocaine doesn't attract anywhere near the same sentence as possessing crack cocaine does (weighted appropriately).

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