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Comment Re:By commenting, I'm part of the problem (Score 1) 123

vaguest lying marketing bastard sense

This item was regurgitated by a bot, as a matter of fact, and the fact that you suspected a lying marketurd means our work needs a bit of polish, so wait for RC 1.01 to hit alpha.

Not to worry, though it will still need input/posts from us carbon units long before we even think about 2-point-oh.

So, no, you're NOT part of the problem.


Comment It is time for some TOUGH questions (Score 1) 215

1. Would the suspect be a good example or a bad example, of a social media user who simply wants to make the most of his so-called social skills in a very social-centric online world?
2. If it's a fake porn agency, would this item be considered as fake news, and Slashdot a fake news source for nerds?
3. Would a real porn agency be equally newsworthy?
Man hires 17-25 yo women for pr0n!

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