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Comment Re:Why do we continue to get erroneous reporting? (Score 1) 370

Have there been any vast improvements to its telemetry, that China should pay extra attention to the "hidden features" or "update anniversary", and issue another official request to stop with all this nonsense when it should stick to the software business, and leave the spying to the "big boys".

Comment New Password Post-IT (TM) (Score 1) 198

One company has announced the new product line called Password PostIts, specifically for this misuse.

These are just as easy to use.
1.Write the password down on the post It.
2.Peel off.
3.Stick in a convenient location, preferably visible to human traffic
4.Sell them by the gajillions

What makes them unique is they are non-stick postIts. Other than being lime green, they really don't stay on for very long.

Comment Common Misconception re windows 10 (Score 2) 500

People seem to think that it is windows TEN that they're getting, when 10 is binary, pure and simple. That is why the question posed to the user is always 1-Yes 0-No There is really no representation for 'later' in binary. MS should simply post the EULA as the real question, with the usual two choices at the end: Agree or decline. This way, you are already familiar with the deception er I mean the EULA, and can respond accordingly

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