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Submission + - Telecomix Publishes Syria Videos

pafein writes: "Hacktivist cluster and jellyfish lovers Telecomix is pleased to announce the first episode of the Telecomix Broadcast System, an archive of videos from Syria. Weighing it at over 3.6 gigabytes, the 311 videos document the ongoing struggle for freedom in Syria over the last nine months and is the largest such collection to date. Contacted on their IRC network, agents said "Now, you know what's happening there. Stop complaining. Act." and urged Internauts to heed The Pirate Bay's call to build more sites and nets. In past months, Telecomix has been supporting free communication in Syria for several months and found evidence of Western manufactured hardware being used to censor the Internet."

Submission + - Telecomix Offers Help Against Belgium Censors

bs0d3 writes: Today a court ruling in Belgium over-ruled an earlier court ruling and is ordering an isp to block thepiratebay. It's been announced that the type of block to be used by the isp is a simple DNS filter which is similar to ones used before in Denmark. In Denmark, the dns block was extremly easy to circumvent and the attention to thepiratebay actually increased Danish site traffic after the block. Today an hacktivist group called telecomix; which is more recently known for helping to establish communications during the internet blackout in Egypt, is offering their help. Their custom made "censorship proof" dns service is designed for situations just like this. ISP customers facing a block can simply use telecomix's dns server instead of the isp provided one to access blocked sites such as thepiratebay.

Submission + - Torservers.net Gets $10k for Uncensored Internet (torservers.net) 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "Uncensored access to the Internet can overthrow dictators and aid the creation of free societies. This has been shown by recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya — the revolution is inseparably linked to free communication and unhindered access to independent news and media.
Till today the Torservers.net project has been graciously financed by private donations from supporters. Now, founder Moritz Bartl and his team have partnered with Access Now. Torservers.net has received a $10,000 US Dollars grant from Access Now that allows for a major capacity upgrade as an immediate tech response to support freedom movements all around the globe. This makes Torservers.net the largest operator on the Tor network."

Comment Re:Phone home? (Score 1) 548

There would still be ways to disable it - rename the script in /etc/cron.daily, use the 'crontab -e' command to comment it out, set the daemon itself to non-executable... unless they hardcode it into the kernel there will likely always be a simple way to render it nonfunctional.

That said, I really doubt that Canonical will do such at thing, at least, unless they get bought out.

Comment Re:"Definition of open-source hardware" (Score 1) 93

Does it simply allow someone to post schematics, firmware sources, Gerber files and BOMs with the implied, "Please don't make a bunch of these and sell them as your own design," or is there more to it?

This license might work just as well for that: Creative Commons by attribution/non-commercial/share-alike (v3.0)

Comment Re:I have to say (Score 1) 93

People who are "dreaming" threaten the status quo, and thus also threaten people who are frightened of change and progress. I don't know why there's so much scoffing about open source hardware (or open source anything) because it's not like it's going to take away your safe mass-marketed gear or anything.

Those who scoff tend to lack the imagination to do anything along those lines, or lack the confidence to build their skills up to the point where they are capable of doing something interesting, new, and innovative. It's far easier to bust someone's chops for "dreaming" or "being unrealistic" to cover the fact that the naysayer has balls the size of peas (if applicable) than it is to get off of one's ass and do something.

Comment As much as I'd love to have my DNA sequenced... (Score 1) 233

I'm concerned about what would be done with the information. I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I had any assurance that the company doing the work wasn't going to sell it or give it to someone else for archival. I'm also concerned about my health insurance company getting a copy of the data, analyzing it, and thereafter deciding that my coverage should be dropped entirely rather than staying at sucktacular because there is one gene they decided that will cost them too much in the long run.

Submission + - Why don't we buy sysadmin books anymore? (standalone-sysadmin.com) 4

Bandman writes: Our needs for good information and documentation have not changed, but the way that we get it has. The ebook revolution has made physical shelves of sysadmin books endangered species. A bigger issue may be that even ebook sales of books related to system administration have not been selling. Somewhere along the line, people stopped buying things like "DNS and Bind" or "Sed & Awk".

Has our need for documentation changed, or just our sources of it?

Comment Re:The people lose again (Score 1) 323

Your claims sound fishy without corroborating evidence because they seem to ignore necessities like paying other bills, rent, and how much one typically makes immediately following graduation? How much did you wind up borrowing to be able to pay it off in just six months? Were you living on your own or with your parents to be able to throw just about every one of your paychecks at those loan payments? How much were you making immediately after graduation?

Comment Re:Uh, no, you can't have my network (Score 4, Insightful) 505

I don't have a problem with this. This is worded in such a way that they can't just quietly come in and take control of the infrastructure. It would require a presidential declaration to start this in motion. Hardly something you can hide.

Whether or not the takeover is hidden is not the point. Whether or not they'll give it back is the point.

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