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Comment Re:Zapp Brannigan's Reporting Strategy (Score 1) 588

Apple has been Orwellian for the last 10 years. Is there any other explanation for devices in 2010 that can only connect over proprietary data cables, through proprietary software, that have no removable storage, no mass storage class driver support, and have to use a company mandated store to install any applications? Not to mention a smartphone that can't be used as a tethered modem? Their complete ban on all uncontrolled input and output is completely Orwellian, and it's no surprise that they treat their forums that way too.

Comment Re:Kin? (Score 1, Interesting) 324

As far as I know they started the Smartphone market. I had a Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 years ago that had fairly high speed CDMA internet, tethering, and quite a few handy applications (the HTC Apache). There were models around some years before that too. The problem is, they had this massive lead over everyone else, but they were completely apathetic towards their own product. There were no great first party applications, and there was no organized way to find applications for the phone (not advocating a singular market entity, but having no means at all to find applications isn't good either). They also didn't market it to anybody. The only people who even knew were the ones who went looking for the capabilities on their own. The only company who wasn't completely apathetic towards the market was HTC, who went through a lot of trouble to make Windows Mobile usable, and later to even make it look nice. Now Microsoft is completely shooting themselves in the face with Windows Mobile 7 - no backwards compatibility, no multi-tasking, no UI changes (and a bad looking UI from shots so far)... what the hell? So upgrading to a new Windows Mobile phone in the near future means I'm starting over from scratch? I went ahead and switched to Android, though I stayed with HTC. I do hope that Microsoft gets around to making a nice portable version of Office though, and that they have the decency to port it to all platforms (or at least Android, Documents To Go kind of sucks).

Comment Re:Apple (Score 4, Informative) 264

They used to pull this shit back in the 90s when I used them too. Back when System 7 was out, there were tons of freely available system extensions and control panels on the web, and small applications that added desktop gadgets and whatnot. Well, both System 7.5 and System 8 were nothing but Apple ripoffs of extensions and control panels stolen from the community and packaged into overpriced OS upgrades. Systems 7 and 7.5 even had compatible Finders (shells), there was practically nothing different about the OSs aside from the stolen extensions. I put up with that behavior then since at the time Apple was years ahead of the rest of the personal computer market, but I jumped ship as soon as I could get a good alternative.
The Courts

Repair Computer, Repurchase OS? 453

An anonymous reader asks: "Recently, I have been bit by a computer repair on an e-Machines computer that involved a system board replacement. Though this was strictly a repair, not an upgrade, neither MS or e-Machines will provide for activation of the system. Why should a user have to purchase another copy of XP after repairing a computer? The system board is listed on the e-Machines website, but costs 4x what an off-the-shelf board with the same chip-set/capabilities costs, and furthermore is not actually available. The e-Machines rep even said repurchasing XP was my only option. This seems to me patently unfair and of questionable legality. Is it possible that there are enough disgruntled consumers bit by this problem to generate a class-action lawsuit?"

Submission + - California may ban lightbulbs

Igmuth writes: According to an article in Yahoo News,

The 'How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb Act' would ban incandescent lightbulbs by 2012 in favor of energy-saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs. 'Incandescent lightbulbs were first developed almost 125 years ago, and since that time they have undergone no major modifications,' California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine said on Tuesday. 'Meanwhile, they remain incredibly inefficient, converting only about 5 percent of the energy they receive into light.'

Submission + - Install Windows Vista Upgrade version without XP

Johannes K. writes: It has previously been claimed that to install Windows Vista from an upgrade dvd requires having Windows XP installed on your computer. Not so claims DailyTech: No previous version of Windows is required at all.

Submission + - Netherlands loses comms satellite on launch pad

Ynsats writes: "The Register is reporting that SES New Skies of the Netherlands lost a Boeing NSS-8 satellite on the launch pad when it's Zenit launch vehicle exploded on the launch pad. The launch pad is a converted oil rig and is operated by Sea Launch. The resulting blast engulfed the rig in flames but fortunatly, there were no injuries due to the remote operation of the rig keeping the crew at a safe distance. The launch vehicle was carrying a communications satellite "equipped with nearly 100 transponders for high-speed internet, broadcasting and other services". The Zenit rocket is a multi-stage, kerosene and liquid oxygen-fuelled rocket that Sea Launch has had 23 successes with with one failure in 2000 due to a valve problem in the second stage of the rocket."

Submission + - Sony Settles Rootkit Class Action Lawsuit

eldavojohn writes: "Sony BMG has agreed to reimburse consumers with $150 million dollars for damages done to computers in the US from selling compact discs with anti-piracy software hidden on them. Make your claim as soon as possible. From the article, "In 2005, the company shipped more than 12 million CDs, each loaded with one of two anti-piracy programs. About seven million of the CDs were sold and the Digital Rights Management software installed itself on consumers' computers without their knowledge or consent. CDs by artists such as The Coral, Alicia Keys, Dido, the Foo Fighters and the Backstreet Boys were among the affected discs. ""
Portables (Games)

Submission + - An Open Letter to Sony

An anonymous reader writes: Glide Underground have put up an open letter to Sony, admonishing them for past mistakes and for making the PSP a lot less than it could be.

With the PSP, you did something even worse. You actively, and for quite a long time, worked to make the console less than it was. Time after time, "system updates" were forced on the end user that were unnecessary to play the games they were included with. Time after time, the idea that people other than Sony might want to write programs on it went right past you in your arrogance and paranoia. People were going to find a way to pirate your games. People find ways to pirate games for every single console on the planet; there were pirated game copies even in the days of the Atari 2600, the NES, and the Sega Master System when cartridges were the medium of storage. Your paranoia ensured not that more PSP owners were buying your games, but that less people bought the PSP and that those who did own a PSP actively avoided your games for fear of wrecking other functions on the console they purchased.

Submission + - BBC told Windows DRM is not enough

Richard Fairhurst writes: "The trustees who govern the British broadcaster have demanded that its new video-on-demand service mustn't be Windows-only. The BBC Trust says the new iPlayer must be "platform-agnostic within a reasonable timeframe", explaining: "This requires the BBC to develop an alternative DRM framework to enable users of other technology, for example, Apple and Linux, to access the on-demand services.""

Submission + - Windows Vista FAQ

VL writes: "Viperlair has a short write-up covering the different Windows Vista versions and what they offer from a high level perspective. "As much information as there is about Vista, there is also as much misinformation currently floating around, so lets see if we can sort through it all and help you make an informed decision on what to get. Should you get Vista if you already have XP? That's a bit out of the scope of this article and worthy of an Editorial all of it's own. This article is a quick and dirty look at the different versions of Vista and will assume you have decided you have an interest in purchasing Vista." /primer/"

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