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Comment Re:Only reasonable outcome (Score 1) 174

If you use Tor you should pay the price for your malfeasance. Every computer should be registered with the authorities and be remotely accessible and its physical location should be quickly identifiable.

That way, anyone who disagrees with those in power can quickly be crushed and the proletariat will have no way to express their discontent.

Comment Re:We all know this is unwise. (Score 1) 131

Only myself.

I'm running Gentoo and I remember a few years ago, when installing Chrome, it required that I enable a config option in my kernel that would give it the access I mentioned.

At the time I thought "? Why would a web browser need that?"

My memory is a bit cloudy on the details, I admit.

It may have been in relation to the V8 thingie that Chrome apparently needs, I believe that may have been the module in question.

Comment Re:We all know this is unwise. (Score 2, Informative) 131

On linux, Google Chrome requires you to enable the ability in your kernel that permits arbitrary processes to read the memory of other processes.

Originally intended for debuggers, apparently Google's web-browser won't run unless it can spy on any process in the system.

Nice work Google. Change your motto to "Do evil", please

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