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Comment Yes, but not Canopy (Score 1) 536

BTW, Canopy isn't use as much any more. Lots of Ubiquiti and Mikrotik gear- both of which are capable of much much faster than 7Mbps if you can find a willing WISP.
With Ubiquiti a pair of PowerBeams will push ~80Mbps for less than $200. AirFiber will go to about 800Mbps for about $2100 a pair

Comment Re:If you don't authorize it, it can't divulge inf (Score 1) 330

BTW, I had a 802.11 CPE that I needed to disconnect for a minute, keeping the power on. Rather than pull it off the mount I wrapped it completely, dish and all in foil but...it stayed connected and kept passing data. This is a 2 mile connection at 5Ghz 100mW TX power, a Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 22dBi. I put on two more layers and finally it disconnected. So play it safe, 3 layers.

Comment TIA (Score 1) 228

"a guy running a corn mill in Uganda with a PowerPallet will never need to open that door and never will"

I live in Africa and I can verify that this is a foolish thing to say. We have to open all kinds of doors never meant to be opened and fix thing using materials and tools that in any other place might seem like a joke. But we can, and we do, not because we don't know better but because the things we need to fix were engineered to be used in friendly climates by people who grew up with machines and who value the benefit of the machine more than the selling price of a part, even for scrap. They were constructed economically and without a clever friend they die much much earlier than they were intended to.

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