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Submission + - Google Maps is going indoors (

ProbablyJoe writes: Google have blogged about a new feature for their Maps app on Android — indoors mapping.

The feature is designed to replace the "you are here" maps found in shopping malls and department stores. It will automatically zoom into an indoors map if you enter a mapped building, and should also change maps as you move between different floors

Currently the maps are only available in certain airports, shopping malls, and department stores in the USA and Japan, but Google say they'll be adding more worldwide locations soon.


Submission + - Google Street View Spreads to the Amazon. ( 4

FBeans writes: “Google has used a pedal-powered tricycle to start photographing the vast Amazon rainforest as part of its global Street View facility.”

“Although the pictures will only show a small slice of the gigantic forest, members of the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) which helped Google carry out the project, hope it will help spread environmental awareness.”

Now we can all go on rain-forest tours or travel down the Rio Negro river, “a boat with the tricycle on top took thousands of shots of the jungle and its residents.”

With Google spreading it’s street-view to businesses, geothermal mapping of the US and now the Amazon. Is there anything that Google won’t point a camera at? And what’s next?

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