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Submission + - Twitter, a rich evidence source in financial crime (acfcs.org)

Presto Vivace writes: "Twitter, a rich evidence source in financial crime and compliance matters, now censors posts by country

Capturing that evidence and using it for investigations and to build cases poses a challenge to regulators, enforcement agents and private sector risk and compliance officials. Investigators and prosecutors seeking to exploit social media evidence have been forced to contend with the ephemeral nature of the data and the uncertain boundaries between online speech and privacy rights.



Submission + - One man's three-year fight with Twitter (brw.com.au)

Presto Vivace writes: "BRW

In March 2006, Jason Boyce was thumbing his way thorough a thesaurus looking for a name for his new business. Less than 12 months earlier he’d bought his first computer and was teaching himself how to make websites.

“I wanted an original name for an Australian website that was about highlighting Australian products and businesses and helping them get online,” Boyce says. “I thought about calling it Typhoon and was looking through the ‘ts’ when I came across Twitter.”

In the end Twitter forced Boyce to back down. The moral of the story appears to be to register for a trademark the same day you register your domain name."

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