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Comment Re:TFA's beef is with journal "prestige" (Score 1) 106


FWIW, while Cell and Nature are both owned by private companies, Science is run by a non-profit (the American Association for the Advancement of Science), and articles in science are made freely available two years after publication.

This free access requires registration and only includes content from 1997 forward
While something is better than nothing, locking down the first 117 years of content unless you pay for the backfile isnt exactly researcher friendly

I wish more publishers would follow the lead of PNAS/American Heart Assoc/American Society of Microbiology
All backfile content open and relatively short embargos on new content (6-12months)


Submission + - Yahoo Mail Accounts Have Been Getting Hacked for Months, Still Happening

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo Mail users have been seeing their accounts broken into for months. While Yahoo says it has plugged at least two separate security holes leading to accounts getting hijacked, it appears the problem persists. It's unclear how long these attacks have been going on for, though we did first report Yahoo Mail users were seeing their accounts compromised back in early January. We're now in March, and it appears that Yahoo still has a big problem on its hands.

Comment Re:Healthier slaves (Score 1) 1141

Chesterton was a great observer and used great wit to comment on society The fault in the analogy is that the two options provided (give a raise or restrict spending options) are only a small subset of the potential scenarios owner goes out of business by paying more in salaries than the labor produces in profits employer forgoes 4pence raise, and instead provides employees with a healthy lunch every day owner fires employee and hires two children who will work for 1pence each employee leaves owner for a job that pays better etc. Chesterton correctly points out that it isnt ethical to deprive a person their freedom (by restricting how they can spend the salary they are paid), but the answer to the problem presented isnt as simple as inflating the salary of the employee. True freedom must encompass both parties in the work contract.

Comment low overhead publishing alternatives (Score 1) 206

There have been a few mentions of PLoS and several pre-print servers But a transition from a major publishing conglomerate (Elsevier, Springer, Kluwer) doesnt require building your own capability from the ground up, or dropping the more formal review structure for a pre-print/forum type arrangement There are several very reasonable, non-profit publishing outlets available, the one that jumps to mind is HighWire Press. http://highwire.stanford.edu/ They provide the framework and hosting, you provide the typical editorial board and reviewers Several large societies now use them, including the American Society for Microbiology.

Comment Re:The protesters need to refocus their anger. (Score 1) 1799

If you cant make your payments on a 300K mortgage with 130K income then you obviously have major issues with your budget or other financial constraints you arent revealing. Quick check of a standard mortgage calculator and it looks like if you were in a 15 year fixed at 5% (easily refinanced these days) you wouldnt be paying more than 2300/month. So you are looking at 37K/year and sure there are upkeep costs and property taxes... there also is a big fat deduction for interest you are paying. Maybe you were previously married and have to may alimony/child support etc. Maybe you have a parent in eldercare... I dont know. But crying that you cant make your mortgage when you are still pulling in 130K isnt going to garner a lot of sympathy when there are literally thousands of people who do the same on 75% of your household income

Comment resources for authors (Score 1) 277

The costs of obtaining scholarly journals has been a major problem for over 2 decades, it seems to be getting more press in the last 5 years as the libraries have run out of simple fixes (consolidating purchases, canceling low use journals, etc) and the major publishers are now the only remaining places to cut back.

Here are some organizations that have been working to provide alternatives to authors and libraries, the rapid success of PLOS: Biology has certainly demonstrated that the traditional publishing models can be changed

SPARC - Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition Group affiliated with the American Research Libraries organization

Highwire Press A major non-profit publishing initiative linked to Stanford University

Create Change Organization working to inform authors/researchers about their options in publishing

Comment Re:Document Management Software and OCR (Score 1) 211

Koha is a great project (another great open project is Evergreen)... but last I checked it doesnt really do document management. Outside of the librarian/information professional communities there seems to be a lack of understanding about information categorization and classification. There are fairly large differences in how you handle the storage, metadata and retrieval options for something that could 'circulate' in a traditional library and a component piece (article/paper). Traditionally there have been specialized resources for source level objects (books/journals) and there were specialized resources for digging deeper and locating chapters/articles/papers/abstracts within source objects. I commonly see researchers checking a library catalog for a known article title, when the OPAC only includes journal title data Maybe this is something new with the blurring of publishing on the web? There has been a lot of work on federated searching as a a solution to this... but in most implementations my experience has been that patrons lose the ability to use the individual resources to fullest effect and get a results list that leads to further confusion. In any case, Koha would be great for setting up a lending library, and could be used as a framework for managing the metadata (title, author, year) with a link to a file... but in terms of actually having searchable text/OCR and additional tools it would be a poor choice (something like LibraryThing would be simpler if you werent worried about checkin/checkout, patron records, late fees etc)
The Internet

Submission + - The psychology of banner ads

Mr. Subliminal writes: Blinking banner ads are one of the scourges of Internet advertising, but a new study says that they are effective because repeated expsoure gives consumers a positive feeling towards a particular product — one that can vanish upon a critical reevaluation. 'Advertisers have a few things to consider. The first is that banner ads may provide a valuable function in fostering familiarity even if those that view them never click through to the source of the ads. The downside for advertisers is that any evaluation of the positive impressions that this familiarity creates, even one based on false premises, is enough to make those positive feelings vanish.'

Submission + - FoxTorrent Extension for Mozilla Firefox

spamking writes:

Linux.com has a brief overview of FoxTorrent, a BitTorrent extension for Mozilla Firefox. The review outlines the extension's basic operation and takes a look at some of its more unique features, such as the ability to stream media files as they download.

BitTorrent clients are all over the place these days. One of the newcomers, FoxTorrent, is a fully functional cross-platform Firefox BitTorrent client created by Red Swoosh, a company that is now part of Akamai. What FoxTorrent lacks in features it makes up for in simplicity.

As of this writing the current release is 1.03 (version 1.0 was released on April 26). This version fixes an issue that caused the extension not to work on Linux and OS X; I ran into this issue under Gentoo (Firefox 1.5), but everything worked fine with Ubuntu 7.04 (Firefox 2.0).

FoxTorrent works like any BitTorrent client. When it finds a torrent it starts downloading the files and displays a screen to show the user what is going on.

According to the review this client stops seeding the torrent after the download has been completed. Why waste your time developing something like this if it ultimately defeats the purpose of BitTorrent?

Submission + - Google Wins Nude Thumbnail Legal Battle

eldavojohn writes: "Google is currently fighting many fronts in its ability to show small images returned in a search from websites. Most recently, Google won the case against them in which they were displaying nude thumbnails of a photographer's work from his site. Prior to this, Google was barred from displaying copyrighted content, even when linking it to the site (owner) from its search results. The verdict: "Saying the District Court erred, the San Francisco-based appeals court ruled that Google could legally display those images under the fair use doctrine of copyright law." Huge precedence in a search engine's ability to blindly serve content safely under fair use."

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