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Comment Re:When will some people learn... (Score 1) 404

There are people who have spent a lot of money on education, so they could make a lot of money rendering all those things mute. Nearly anything you do, if handled by a professional with the proper tools, can be traced back to you. If you think it's that easy to get away with, find a security professional or an ethical hacker and ask them. There is no anonymity on the internet, only the option to not use a name.

Submission + - J.K. Rowling's 'witchcraft' offended Bush White Ho ( 1

daria42 writes: "Speechless, all right. George W. Bush's White House objected to handing an important United States award to Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling because her books "encouraged witchcraft", former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer has alleged. "This was the sort of narrow thinking that led people in the White House to actually object to giving the author J. K. Rowling a presidential media because the Harry Potter books encouraged witchcraft," he writes in his new book Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor."

Submission + - Linus Torvalds derides Slashdot ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: In an otherwise fine interview in the popular TWIT FLOSS Weekly podcast, Linus Torvalds criticized Slashdot for, among other things, group think and a religious attitude towards Open Source. The interview did throw some insights on the life and times of Linus in Finland and in USA.

Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 24

Related to this: I read an interesting article today that claimed a certain segment of the elderly population wants to, gasp, die at home instead of in a hospital- and that if we actually bothered to fulfill that wish with $18/hour hospice nurses instead of $10,000/day intensive care units, we'd actually see something like a 30%-40% savings in Medicare alone- because the people dying in hospitals currently use that much of Medicare's budget.

Comment Re:Show of Hands (Score 3, Insightful) 222

oh- the Democrats did that (voted for PATRIOT) out of sheer calculating political cowardice.

The NAZI era Germans called it the "zeitgeist" - the mind of the times, everyone was caught up in the frenzy, Germany was so fucked up (economically) after WWI, and the people wanted so badly to believe it was everyone's fault but their own. (dudes, you lost a war. . . that you started). Mass-denial, and failure to take responsibility for their actions (and consequences for WWI were huge, because it was a huge fucking clusterfuck of a war) - and desire to blame it on everyone else: the Jews, the Commies, the French - is what put Hitler into power.

9/11 had the same exact effect on the US. (and I'm not buying into the terrorist notion that 9/11 was "the result of our mideast policies" - that's also childish blame-shifting. . . I'm just saying you don't blame and punish an entire culture for something that a few hundred whackjobs cooked up on their own). I think that the chickens of US imperialism and arrogance are coming home to roost, and the years following 9/11, Iraq, and all that crap, were part of it. Will the US suffer the devastation that Germany suffered after WWII? Look at photos of downtown Berlin after the Soviets got through with it. God, I hope not.

Those who do not learn the lessons of History, are doomed to repeat it. And even those who DO learn the lessons of History, are doomed to sit by and watch others repeat it.

So - to vote against USA PATRIOT would have been political suicide for the Dems. On the other hand, Obama's act of courage (voting against the Iraq war) is probably a big part of what got him elected. Some demographic of Americans still DO actually prefer political courage.

That's not saying I would not have wanted my representatives to grow a fucking spine, and stand up for my rights. . . and what is objectively Right. That would have been nice, but I think it's expecting too much of people who, as a profession (career politicians), are generally deeply flawed individuals, in a system that generally rewards mediocrity, cowardice, and corruption.

But this is what I mean when I say there is no FUNCTIONAL difference between Republicans and Democrats. Folks point out the obvious differences, and tell me, hey dude, that's not cool. Then I watch as a guy like Obama goes from "Yes we can!" to signing off on renewing the Patriot Act provisions, in the space of a couple of months. Dude; that's not cool.

And no - there's no third-party in particular that I think would be any better. I think it's the system that's hopelessly broken, and incapable of steering us back onto the right track.

I'm just stocking up on ammunition and canned food, and waiting for the inevitable, like everyone else.

Comment Re:"Don't forget to ship your software!" (Score 1) 551

I disagree. I've listened to the StackOverflow podcast and read several of Joel's articles, and I've come to the conclusion that while unapologetic and outspoken at times, he is also right-on-the-money.

After you've read too many mealy-mouthed, passive aggressive essays that dance around the point they're trying to make, you really start to appreciate Joel's plain, straight-forward manner of speaking.

Comment Re:say what? (Score 1) 336

Exactly. They may not be the internet messiah that some people like to think that they are, but they are better than any huge corporation that I can think of. Also, I don't think that MS was ever not an evil company, I thought they started out ripping people right from the get-go with DOS. I could be wrong though.

Either way, show me a company of Google's stature (or even close to it) that does better than they do as far as the whole "do no evil thing." With the enormous temptation it must sometimes be to manipulate markets unethically for Google's own benefit, I think they do a damn good job.

Comment Open Source my ass! (Score 1, Funny) 336

Android never was open source. It did just look like it would be, to trick some into it, who you will see below, defending more the respect for their decisions than Android. ;)

And now Google shows its real face, regarding this.

Now I'm happy I didn't jump on that train, and chose Symbian (although still pretty crappy) as the main platform.

P.S.: Don't ask a free-thinking developer about the iPhone, if you wanna keep your head. ;)

Comment Re:Mission Option: It already isn't.... (Score 1) 804

"Most Americans with health insurance are part of group plans, typically through their employer, and the insurance company cannot exclude a individual that is part of the group."
its not most, and in reality people in group plans get declined services all the time.

"I have no problem assisting people that truly can't get the basics, the problem is that despite Obama, that is not the kind of legislation that Pelosi/Reid are going to send him to sign

based on... what? The proposed bills fill that pretty well and pay for themselves. Do you think Nancy will write her own bill on the back of a napkin and try to slip it in front of the President?

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