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Comment Re:Time to create a distinction? (Score 1) 80

I think you misunderstand me. I am not arguing against AI here in any way. And yes, yes, pattern recognition belongs to the spontaneity of the understanding, which means that the understanding imposes its patterns according to its categories (see Kant's first critique).

Comment Re:Many believe that we live in a computer simulat (Score 1) 1042

And they're nuts. Humanity has a solid evolutionary record on this planet. ...

You're essentially saying that the world is not an illusion because it's not an illusion. That's not an argument.

Like it or not, the simulation thesis, or the malicious demon thesis, or the veil of Maya, or the various theses of the various Gnostics, etc. basically hold that sensation itself is an illusion, so when you point to evolution (etc.), you demonstrate nothing. You need to demonstrate somehow that sensation is veridical, and that proof has eluded consensus for quite sometime.

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