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Comment Yup... (Score 1) 119

Go to youtube and you will find Donald Trump using similar behaviors of others, usually whenever they don't have an answer. I still think mocking like that was immature.

Did Donald Trump mock a reporter? Yes
Did Donald Trump mock a reporter who had a handicap? Yes
Did Donald Trump mock the handicap of a reporter? No

But funny, how liberals forget when Obama mentioned his low bowling score in an interview, and proceeded to state that he bowled like someone in the Special Olympics.

Gee, guess criticism doesn't apply if you have a [D]

Comment Re: Facebook wants more liberal news (Score 1) 119

Right...and big cities were strongly a northeastern system. The problem is they move to a region that doesn't have huge cities. They migrate toward towns and turn them into cities. Then when those become big cities and destroy the region, the migrate to another region and repeat the process - so on and so on.

See Colorado for current example.

Comment YOUTUBE (Score 5, Informative) 119

I find YouTube to be the best fact checker.

The media claimed that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, or more to the point, that Trump mocked a reporter for his disability. Trump did in fact mock a reporter who is disabled. However, there are videos on youtube that will show you that those body movements of his are used regularly, not for mocking disabilities but to personify his view of someone who doesn't have an answer.

Most of the mainstream media also claimed that Donald Trump said soldiers that commit suicide are weak. He said no such thing. Go to youtube and watch the actual speech. He was discussing the lack of care available for our veterans, particularly the lack of mental healthcare. He was discussing triggers, and our soldiers being left without the support they deserved. Every soldier and veteran I know who watched that video loved it. In fact, it was the first, and almost the only time I watched Donald Trump and thought to myself that he looked presidential.

Watch MSNBC, they'll show you protestors at a Tea Party rally outside one of President Obama's townhall meetings. They'll show you a man carrying an AR-15 on his back. They'll state how this is intimidating and seemingly rather racist. Go to youtube and you'll find the another video of that same rally. Except this video will clearly show the man in question with an AR-15 strapped to his back is in fact a black American.

So me, conservatives are very aware of how fake most of the mainstream news is. Liberals on the other hand are stuck thinking the only fake news is Fox/Faux News. Well, it is fairly fake. But it doesn't have the market nor is it even close to being top dog.

Comment Snopes is NOT reputable for politics. (Score 1) 119

I have also noticed an interesting trend recently. A number of political articles on Snopes and fact check sites, where the conservative viewpoint or statement was in fact CORRECT. And they even discuss the evidence of such. But interestingly enough, in several of these cases the fact check articles NEVER post a conclusion. They don't include their "True or False" meters, etc.

And I have wondered, why is it that these articles where either the criticism of a conservative is debunked or the criticism of a Democrat confirmed, are not given truth-meters?


Because, these sites are extremely biased. Even when their articles are correct, they regularly pick and choose what issues to pursue. And numerous substantiated criticisms of Democrats will never ever get an article on these fact check sites.

Comment Re: Facebook wants more liberal news (Score 2, Insightful) 119

We went other places. You damn New England liberals follow us everywhere. You ruined the north east. You ruined California. You ruined Colorado.

It's like you much up a place so bad that it's unlivable, then decide to move to the region where folks who don't want invasive government moved to when they left you. And then you just pass all the same stupid laws and taxes over until that place is ruined. In 20-30 years, Denver, Colorado will be an insane mecca of taxes and regulations that will be unbearable. Then you liberals will leave and move to Idaho, the Dakotas, etc.

Those states might get smart and just start shooting you all upon arrival. Though I think eliminating your right to vote in state elections for 5 years until you gain a feeling for the culture might be more prudent.

Comment And even the North Korea hack is likely bunk (Score 1) 732

Honestly, the FBI, seems to have a knack for being left a bread crumb and thinking they have found the culprit. Heck, more recent revelations about N. Korea's internet network has cast doubt as to whether it could of even handled the quantities of data in a timely fashion.

Per Wiki
Doubts about accusations against North Korea[edit]

Members of the press and various cybersecurity experts have expressed doubt about the claims that North Korea was behind the hack. Cyber security experts, independently analyzing the hack separately from the FBI—including Kurt Stammberger from cyber security firm Norse,[86][87] DEFCON organizer and Cloudflare researcher Marc Rogers,[88] Hector Monsegur,[89] and Kim Zetter, a security journalist at Wired magazine[90]—have tended to agree that North Korea might not be behind the attack.

Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times journalist, said that all evidence against North Korea was "circumstantial" and that some cybersecurity experts were "skeptical" about accusations against the government.[91] Cybersecurity expert Lucas Zaichkowsky said, "State-sponsored attackers don't create cool names for themselves like 'Guardians of Peace' and promote their activity to the public."[92] Kim Zetter of Wired magazine called released evidence against the government "flimsy".[93] Former hacker Hector Monsegur, who once hacked into Sony, explained to CBS News that exfiltrating one or one hundred terabytes of data would have taken months or years, not weeks, "without anyone noticing". Monsegur doubted the accusations due to North Korea's possibly insufficient infrastructure to handle much data. He believed that it could have been either Chinese, Russian, or North Korean sponsored hackers working outside of the country, but most likely to be the deed of a Sony employee.[94]

Stammberger provided to the FBI Norse's findings that suggest the hack was an inside job, stating, "Sony was not just hacked; this is a company that was essentially nuked from the inside. We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history."[95] Stammberger believes that the security failure may have originated from six disgruntled former Sony employees, based on their past skill sets and discussions these people made in chat rooms. Norse employees identified these people from a list of workers that were eliminated from Sony during a restructuring in May 2014, and noted that some had made very public and angry responses to their firing, and would be in appropriate positions to identify the means to access secure parts of Sony's servers.[96][97][98] After a private briefing lasting three hours, the FBI formally rejected Norse's alternative assessment.[99]

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