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Comment STFU and go read this case (Score 2) 294

What this was, was a psychologist who interfered in medical treatment of a present diagnosis. Ceased medical case, while patient's condition rapidly deteriorated. And who's objection to parent for giving advice, in fact, said hospital had to within 24 hours do exactly what the parent had stated was necessary based on numerous prior medical experiences.

No, had this been my child. There would of been a lot of dead doctors....

Comment Wrong... (Score 1) 294

It is not a single doctor. It is the head of the metabolic department at Tufts University Medical Center. Oh, guess what....this isn't the first incident of this situation at Boston Children's Hospital. The last incident, led to the death of a child. Who's sibling also has the same problem but has done extremely well under the Tuft medical teams care.

Comment EDUCATE YOURSELF (Score 5, Informative) 294

This case occurred about 2 years ago. Their medical experts were not "alternative". In fact, their main physician was the department head of metabolic medicine at Tufts University. So far far from it.

Like "fibromyalgia", which many doctors felt was a non-existent disease. (Which has now been disproven as the cause of many fibro cases has been identified.) The doctor at Boston Children's Hospital did not believe "mitochondria" disease to be real. So he determined that it was all psycho-somatic, that her illness was just in her head. When Justina was brought to the hospital, the mother insisted that she needed a feeding tube. The doctors objected to this, used it in court to argue that the mother was pushing false illness and unnecessary treatments upon her daughter. Oh, they failed to mention that the very next day they had to give Justina a feeding tube.

This became a big toodoo... and the truth is, the state of Mass and Boston Children's Hospital uber fucked up. The issue was, that once they did, they committed fiercely to remaining in their position instead of admitting fault for fear of lawsuits. They essentially moved Justina to a psychological ward, ceased medical treatment, and her health condition plunged.

Also of note, this is NOT the first incident like this on the part of Boston Children's Hospital. They did a similar thing to another parent. The difference was she used to work for Child Protective Services. So they did not substantiate the charges. That parent in fact loss a child because of BCH's actions. A second child developed the same genetic mitochondria disease. And has since done significantly better after have been removed from BCH care and received treatment from the same far more knowledgeable expert at Tufts that was treating Justina.

In other words, BCH is hurting and even killing children by their actions. The sum of it being that egotistical doctors harming children because of their egos.

Comment Rape a Woman.... less than a year (Score 1) 136

View a video or song, and 10 years.

Oh, mind you, most of us have bought the same album in different formats repeatedly. So if you bought that album on vinyl, cassette, and CD. You didn't buy it, per the record labels you just bought a license.

Well, fine....where the hell is my damn license? And if I have a license, why does the media matter?

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