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Comment Simple Solution (Score 1) 136

The Model X needs to have a second version made available. Where everything is the same except that it is "Sans" the gull doors. It would be significantly cheaper and much more trouble free. I expect that it would take off sales wise.

Then eventually when demand drops. Drop the Gull Wing doors from the Model X. Don't discard them, rather migrate them to the new Roadster 2.0.

This is what Tesla needs to do.

Comment Not proof (Score 1) 435

Considering how many "hacker" sites in Russia are used internationally. It merely means the servers were hosted there. For all we know it could of been Republicans who paid to have hosted servers.

This is like claiming ALL the fraud that occurs at .com sites hosted in America are American hackers working for the U.S. government.


Comment Most of those (Score 1) 249

Were incorrect. The issue was when they asked parents to provide proof of immunizations. Most could not.

However, most are also in school systems where kids cannot attend unless they had been immunized or a special religious exception voucher was submitted. Of which, without, essentially means most of those kids were vaccinated. Few parents can actually find all the vaccination records of their kids.

Comment Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 287

Their proof of "Russia" being the hacker, is that well Russia would be motivated to hack and affect the U.S. election, and therefore we have a potential motivation. Russia also has the capabilities.

Okay, yes, you have the motive, the tool and the opportunity. That can incriminate a suspect. But it utterly fails when a million others ALL have those same things.

Comment I CALL BS ON ORIGINAL POSTER (Score 2) 404

"This, of course, isn't the first time Guccifer or his friends at Wikileaks and the Kremlin have attempted to subvert the US political process during this election cycle."

1) Not a single shred or iota of evidence has been shown to substantiate a case that the DNC hacks or Wikileaks were the actions of Russia.

2) The leaker is NOT the one interfering or subverting the US political process. Rather, they are merely showing that Hillary and her corrupt cohorts are doing so.

3) Hillary is a sociopath who in the first debate essentially threatened war with a nuclear power over in order to cover up her DNC scandal. Frankly, even Trump isn't that scary.

4) I think every one with half a brain (which probably leaves the poster out) understood Trump's comment about maybe having Russia find Hillary's missing emails was satire, and a jest at her public accusation of the Russians without any provided proof. Guess what, in America that is illegal. In fact, I think the Russian government should file a personal lawsuit against Hillary for slander.

"What's more, nearly half of the country's state voter registration systems have recently come under cyberattack, according to the DHS"

Why is that? Could it be because so many apparently dropped a crap ton of Bernie Sanders supporters from the voter rolls? And hackers are trying to find out how and by whom?

"Donald Trump's, connection to these attacks."

Donald Trump's connection is that he has seen them talked about in the media, and seen a very stupid Hillary accuse Russia of the attacks. That's it...

And the OP is a damnable moron for trying to seek more from it. I mean really, why the hell is anyone more upset about the hacks than the illegal and corrupt actions on the part of Hillary's cohorts? This is like the hacker who retrieved the photos to prove the rape case, but faces 10x the sentence for doing so than the rapists. WTF.

"Four House Democrats recently demanded that the FBI investigate the nominee after he "jokingly" suggested that Russia find and release the 33,000 emails reportedly missing from Hillary Clinton's private email server."

Well gee, considering the FBI is in Hillary's pants as are those four Democrats. I mean, the FBI basically came out and said "We found gross negligence and multiple violations, but because it is Hillary we are not going to prosecute." And this occurred shortly after a chance meeting between the Attorney General and Bill Clinton, which was no frigging change meeting.

Sorry, Hillary and Trump are both unacceptable candidates for presidency.

Trump is an arrogant bigoted asshole.

Hillary is a corrupt lying oligarchist warmonger.

Comment Re:guess again (Score 1) 249

"When the unvaccinated population rises too high, outbreaks become possible again"

Not really, outbreaks only are potential for those who are unvaccinated. If 5% are unvaccinated, and 95% are vaccinated. Even if an outbreak happens in the 5%, most all of the 95% who were vaccinated should be safe. Yes, there may be a few exceptions. But very few.

Want to know the real cause of the outbreaks. The ones the media blamed on unvaccinated, most eventually determined those who were infected were ALL vaccinated. The real issue is that the vaccines are several decades old, and while science teaches us that said viruses rapidly mutate and evolve to knew strains. We're using vaccines based on strains sometimes almost a century old. Which greatly reduces their efficacy.

But here's the catch. It's expensive to get FDA approval on a vaccine update. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical corps have millions of dollars invested in stocked vaccines and rooting compounds. So much easier for the FDA and big pharm to claim it's because of loss of herd immunity, when in fact it is because they are using extremely dated and ineffective vaccines.

Comment You do realize... (Score 1) 249

That if vaccines are effective, and your child is immunized, than there really is no issue.

You also realize the effect of many vaccines fades. When is the last time you had an MMR? In fact, a great many adults can be carriers. The vaccine may give them enough protection but they carry the vaccine. So you're concern of a 1% versus a large percentage of society being potential carriers is rather silly.

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