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Comment Intel's 1 paragraph response (Score 1) 245

Come on!! How can that even count as a "response"? The TFA just reiterate the original article, but punctuating it by the author's unexplainable hate for anything open,and at the very bottom, it quotes an "Intel Spokesman" in a few lines just saying "it is very secure".

All right! I feel safer already!

Comment Re:this shouldn't be used to justify tracking (Score 1) 235

It is not like the evidence IS his FB profile - he has been recognized, at least by the woman who reported him in. So, even if one takes the pains of "FB is ivading privacy" (to the point people can't be criminals), this instance is not a matter of the evidence being illegal. The most any lawyer could clain would be "the way my client was found was illegal under privacy laws", but once he is found, there is no undoing it. What could possibly be done in a case like this? Subject the guy to some "witness protection program", get him a new secret ID and life, so that he would have to be searched again for theft?

Comment Re:Greater moderation transparency? (Score 1) 546

It is just like moderation value around here is over-hipped. Just take a look at stackoverlflow - almost anyone can downvote and upvote everything, unlimited times, and it is not like it sunk down in a singularity.

I for one, do not care for having /. "moderation points" I have to carefully spent over 5 days for a while.

Comment Who needs ramsonware (Score 1) 151

I have a LG Smart-TV - non android. Just browsing the web trying to see videos in sites, you are covered by a rain of pop-up adds that make it impossible to navigate. One can't even remove a cookie from the built-in TV browser. It is just a matter of time before smart TVs stuck bloated by adware, unless the TV vendors offer more control to the TV owners - android platform or not.

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