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Comment You have Windows becoming an appliance (Score 1) 183

So -WIndows 10 cloud is about an appliance were the users can't even control which programs to run (previous instances of Windows Stores had virtually no apps) - and you have basically Ars Technica just licking Microsoft boots and endorsing it to very last bit. The only thing left to wonder is how much of Ars Technica revenue comes directly from Microsoft Marketing department.

Comment Re:Oh sure! (Score 1) 120

Those are called "3D Glasses" and served you at sessions at the Movies. Sorry, but I can't stand watching a "3D" movie that focus on a single part of the screen while keeping all the background super-blurry, so you are forced to look at the subject for which the 3D is targeted in a given scene.

Comment Re:Surgery (Score 1) 120

Surprise - -there is surgery already, that can fix the things for a lot of people - but the error rates are still there, and once something goes wrong on the surgery, it is gone bad - not like there is an "undo" for scarred cornea tissue. That is why a lot of people, maybe the majority, opt for not doing any surgeries at all - even with the current, imperfect glasses. And there always will be - even when the surgeries get better.

Comment Re:Glasses cannot focus without looking at the eye (Score 1) 120

I guess you don't use glasses yourself do you?

Looking at the window and being unable to see who is outside is the default for most of us. If I am reading a book, can just raise my view, and swipe across my eyebrows to have a clear view of outsidn, that is already a win situation.

And I emphasize he point that the technolgy to look at "your eyes" is already there - whether it will be incorporated by default, or left as a trade off for pricing/battery life/glass weight remains to be seem.

Comment Re:Glasses cannot focus without looking at the eye (Score 4, Insightful) 120

You realise that even if this needs a manual setting of a control on the glass itself, it will still be one order of magnitude better than swapping glasses?
And, it is not like the "conventional" tech we have today, used in smartphones and other gadgets, cannot look at the eye.

Comment Intel's 1 paragraph response (Score 1) 245

Come on!! How can that even count as a "response"? The TFA just reiterate the original article, but punctuating it by the author's unexplainable hate for anything open,and at the very bottom, it quotes an "Intel Spokesman" in a few lines just saying "it is very secure".

All right! I feel safer already!

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