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Submission + - It's no longer Anarchy in the UK it's ANIME in UK! (

Mike C writes: "As a huge Otaku (refers to an anime fan — sometimes a slightly derranged and obsessive collector of asian toys and nick nacks + (deep breath) square eyed watcher of hundred episode japanese animated fight scenes! ...phew!), I thought it'd be good for all the rest of us out there to know that the UK has a hugely resurgent Anime Scene right now! I have always loved the technically amazing stories, such as Ghost In The Shell and Bubblegum Crisis and even Robotech and Gundam from wayyyy back in the 80's. But after a small spat of interest in the early 90's anime all but died out over here. Thankfully though, some great companies have helped to revive it. Awesome and amazing releases pumped out from Japan (Final Fantasy for example) and the resultant merge with the gaming culture mean it's back, and back with a vengance! I run an anime company over here called Kamika-Z and we have spent the last three years touring around the country to an ever increasing number of events. It's really good to see this happening, as if you go back a few years, there was not even a small Con over here, now we boast one of the largest Anime and Gaming events in Europe, which takes place twice a year in London (London Expo). So if you are a fan of Samurai Swords, Cyborgs, Epic Stories, Insane Technology and Awesome Art — then maybe you can join us — and help bring this amazing culture into the mainstream! Motoko would be proud!"

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