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Comment Right... (Score 0) 208

Because Facebook users are the most intelligent and discriminating of people on this planet. Well, so much for all conservative news feeds. The liberals have won the idiot war. I feel really bad for America now that entitled morons whined loud enough to get that squeaky wheel greased to their liking.

Comment More proof (Score 0) 183

that our education system is raising a generation or two of complete and utter morons who can't pick up a book and verify sources. As the husband of a 4th grade teacher, this is appalling and terrifying that these snowflakes will run the country some day.
We shitcan all the idiot liberal professors and introduce real discipline and rigor into the universities and maybe we'll come out of it okay. Otherwise, America is fucked.

Comment Not this shit again (Score 0) 445

Can't you fucking liberals grow the hell up? If it's no big deal for Hillary, it's no big deal here either.

Oh wait, you're liberals, the textbook definition of HYPOCRITE. You know, if you whiny ass children grow the fuck up and be consistent instead of the bullshit you've been doing the last 8 years, people might actually pay attention to you. Instead, you continue to be the PoS hypocrites you've been for a decade. You don't learn, do you?
Let me spell it out for you. Democrats have lose more than ONE THOUSAND state and federal elected seats since 2008. You have 4 states with a Dem governor and Dem controlled state legislature. In 2008 you had all but 12 states. You continue to label and try to shutdown everyone that doesn't agree with you. Conservatives are racists, homophobes, anti-Islamists and whatever other bullshit label you think you scream loud enough will stick to us. You riot and vandalize when you lose elections, when someone comes to speak at your university, and you threaten everyone else who looks at you sideways.

In short, you're just one molotov cocktail away from domestic terrorism. All of America has tuned you out as evidenced by the fact that DONALD TRUMP won the presidential election. But you don't get it, do you? And you never will.

You whiny, morally bankrupt, benighted hypocrites are a doomed party and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The more you whine about crap like this, more ears tune your stupid asses out. You've done more to destroy your ideology than conservatives have done in a century of fighting you cretins.

Good work, ladies. Now, STFU and let the adults run things for a while.

Comment Bout freaking time (Score 0) 139

This is long overdue in virtually every civilized country. Nothing annoys the hell out of me more than listening to someone and having to ask multiple times what the hell they said. When I visit other countries, I expect to be able to communicate with them clearly in their language (except for France, fuck those cheese eating surrender monkeys). It's a shame the liberals want to allow anyone to just walk into the country, then the citizens have to cater to them, rather than vice-versa. Sick and tired of dealing with Hispanics who refuse to learn English (and my wife has SEVERAL hispanic parents who refuse to learn English -- she's a 4th grade teacher) and expect us to learn Spanish instead.

Personally, we should scrap regional languages and use Latin for everything. That way it's not tied of a region and everyone will struggle with it for a while.

Comment Had a similar experience recently (Score 0) 1001

Even though I've semi-retired from IT, I browse crap I get from recruiters in my email just to see if there is something that might strike me as interesting enough to look into. I've 'retired' twice and my ADHD keeps me from sitting on my ass more than a few weeks before I get bored doing nothing.

Anyway, I saw a Systems Analyst/Engineer position that seemed interesting, did the phone interview and they were impressed enough to want an in-person interview and mentioned to the recruiter that I'm so qualified 'they were afraid I'd get bored with the job'. So far so good. Now, a suit was required for the interview, which is unusual in my experience (I live in the South and it's usually too damn hot for a suit, even a light one.), but I need a new suit anyway.

I go to the interview and trampled all over the technical and 'how would you handle blah blah blah' personality/communication skills questions. Then I'm asked to look at the white board behind me. On it was drawn was looked like a game of hangman, and a large square with a + in the middle to break into 4 smaller squares. They asked me that if the lines of the box were matchsticks, how could I move 2 and double the larger square.

The 'hangman' drawing (which wasn't hangman, it was a very badly drawn scale) was 'if you have 8 widgets and one is heavier than others, how would you find the heavy widget in the fewest number of weighings'. Both of these are straight off MENSA tests (at least variants thereof). I've never done anything more than just suck at the matchsticks puzzle, and even though I got the 'heavy widget' one 'correct' I wasn't offered the position. Why? Because they didn't like how I thought my way through the puzzles. (The matchsticks one, I flat out told them that I'm no good at those type puzzles as I don't think the right way to come up with an answer for it.

In neither case were those questions relevant to the position, or my ability to do the job. Being able to answer MENSA puzzle questions doesn't make you qualified to do the job, just that you can answer puzzles from the back of the evening paper. Needless to say, I let the recruiter AND the company doing the hiring a very long (but polite) ass-chewing email after I was not offered the position. Not that I would have taken the job had I been offered it. I wasn't angry about not being offered the job, since I am independently wealthy and work just because I want to and feel I can still contribute to the right organization, most times at lower compensation than others would. I was pissed because shit questions like that are MEANINGLESS as to whether you can do the job.

Of course, you can thank Google for this type of bullshit nonsense. Their interview questions are notorious for silly shit like this and others think its cool to do the same. Actually, they just look ridiculous and will almost always turn down the best candidate because of puzzle questions like that.

I shake my head every time I see crap like that going on.

Comment Re:All my friends in NSA are looking (Score 0) 251

Morally questionable? He's a bloody spy on average Americans since Obama took office. HE IS MORALLY QUESTIONABLE by occupation. Though, sounds to me like he's just another whiny ass liberal pussy who hates that Hillary lost. Shame we have an entire generation of entitled, whiny, immature, self-centered hypocritical moral bankrupts running things in the country.

Dude shouldn't just resign, he should eat a bullet. We don't need people like him in the US now.

Comment Mostly conservative 'trolls' (Score 1) 183

Jack Dorsey, that liberal motherfucker loves banning people he disagrees with. It's not trolls, it's stifling free speech from conservative elements in America. Milo was banned, but Leslie Jones was not, even though her feed was just as, if not more, racist than Milo's.

So, yeah, I'm looking forward to Twitter vanishing like a fart in the wind this year when no one will buy this pathetic excuse for social media.

Comment I'm all for this but.... (Score 1) 280

The current administration is the most corrupt in American history and has shown to be utterly clueless when it comes to doing anything more than rewarding its cronies. This initiative was an abortion from the beginning, like all things Obama. (Solyndra anyone?)

Honestly, the best way to fix some of the problems in education is very simple. Stop with the standardised testing, stop with the multiple assessments every week (disclaimer: My wife is a 4th grade teacher), break classes up based on ability (I know, your little snowflake is perfect, but he can't read so can't be in AG classes) and for the love of God, stop letting illegals be taught. in NC alone, the number of illegals being taught in some schools is greater than the legitimate students. You're wasting BILLIONS on this, yet complain about the class sizes. My wife has 32 kids in her class. You know how hard it is to teach that many 9 years olds without an assistant?

(I know I went off topic, but the point is still relevant.) The federal government, as currently constituted is singularly unable to deal with education the way it needs to be dealt with.

Comment So says yet another liberal rag (Score 1) 555

Yeah, okay, people. We get it. You liberal goons hate anything and everything about conservatives and Trump. You haven't learned your lesson, yet have you?

Want to know WHY you lost the election? Because Americans are sick and bloody tired of the constant fear-mongering, name calling and attempted character assassinations. We're tired of being told only you liberals know what's best for us. We're tired of the liberal hypocrisy. (Trump supporters will protest and not accept the election results!!!!!) We're tired of being labeled with some sort of -ism just because we disagree with you (sexist if you don't vote for Hillary, racist if you disagree with Obama, ad infinitum). We're tired of watching you bankrupt cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta (and the state of California) while blaming the the failure of your 'progressive' causes on the conservatives.

Hell, we're tired of you blaming ANYTHING and ANYONE for your failures. Sexism stopped Hillary from being elected. America is full of racists. Blah, blah, blah.

The bottom line is, liberals, your ideology is nothing but hypocrisy. Your ideology is built on false premises. If your ideology was so good, why do you insist on resorting to nothing short of domestic terrorism to get your way? Why do you riot, and protest and threaten when things don't go your way? No ideology is perfect, but yours is the most self-righteous, pseudo-religious claptrap this side of Scientology. It engenders the same fanaticistic psychology you get from Radical Islam (and Radical Christianity for that matter).

And yet you just don't get it. You continue doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. Then placing blame everywhere but where it belongs.

I've said for a long time that Liberalism is a mental illness. And you've continued to strengthen my theory by how you act.

Comment And the definition of of toxic is? (Score 1) 233

Who will be defining 'toxic'? Liberals? Oh, well then, it'll be just another cesspool of safe spaces and 'trigger free' hate speech against any and everyone that doesn't agree with them.

When will the sane people in America stand up and smite these benighted, narrow-minded, morally bankrupt children?

Comment We're in the middle of that now... (Score 1) 332

Actually, this has been a problem where I work for almost two years now. It's the ADHD approach to development or as I like to call it 'the Ooooh something shiny' paradigm. It's kill productivity, run off several very good developers and has murdered our customer base to the point where we're losing customers, not gaining them.

Of course, management blames everyone/everything but themselves for this debacle. Personally, I'm glad I'm leaving here the end of January.

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

The only problem with your hot take is that Twitter isn't just suspending 'Nazi' accounts, but also account of people who lean to the right who AREN"T Nazis.

Not that I'd expect fucking liberal maggots like you to understand that level of logic. But hey, this level of stereotyping and generalization is EXACTLY what you twatwaffles keep accusing conservatives of doing with Islam. Hypocrisy is rampant in liberal circles as all America knows.

Wanna know why you cretins lost the election? Hot takes like yours that you proclaim you don't do. Fuck off, STFU and let adults run America for a while.

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