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Submission + - Researchers: No link between full moon and mental illness (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Researchers at the Université Laval contend that no link exists between full moons and mental illness. This is, of course, is contrary to the popular belief that a link exists between the phases of the moon and the frequency of psychological disorders.

Researchers at the Université Laval’s School of Psychology came to this conclusion after looking at the relationship between lunar cycles and the number of people arriving at hospitals suffering from psychological problems. Researchers used lunar calendars to see what phase the moon was in during each visit to the hospital. After a careful analysis, the researchers concluded that no link exists between the frequency of mental illnesses and the four lunar phases. However, researchers found that anxiety disorders were 32 percent less frequent during the last quarter moon.

Researchers note that their conclusion contradicts what many people believe. In fact, 80 percent of nurses and 64 percent of doctors are convinced that lunar cycle impacts the mental health of patients.

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